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Chaos Conspiracy – Indie Rock Makes Me Sick

Released By : Warner Chappel Music

Genre : Instrumental, Alternative Rock

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01.  Indie Rock Makes Me Sick

02.  Surf And Destroy

03.  M.O.V.E

04.  1816 (The Number Of The Gnome)

05.  ……..

06.  Timebomb For Happy Kids

07.  I.O.R Money

08.  ……..

09.  Noam Is My Copilot

10.  Broadway Boogie Woogie

11.  22 Hours In My Huntington Suite

After around a dozen or so listens, the truth is I still can’t quite get my head around this one. When I first saw it, the combination of the cover artwork and the album title had me thinking this would be some sort of modern melodeath album or something in that fashion, but I couldn’t have been further from the truth if I tried.

CHAOS CONSPIRACY are actually an Italian all-instrumental band that play a combination of alternative progressive rock and jazz fusion which comes out sounding something a little bit like PRIMUS mixed with MR. BUNGLE sans vocals. Obviously this isn’t a real easy album to listen to and as a matter of fact at times it can get quite daunting, but hey nobody ever said music always has to be easily approachable all of time did they? In its essence this is music for fusion and prog fans as there is just so much to discover and it takes multiple listens before anything really starts to sink in at all, this is a bit of a mixed blessing however, because that limits the album to a real niche market, whereas if they had of added vocals they could have made a bit of a push toward the alternative rock market across the globe. Apparently the band used to have a vocalist and have had a few past releases, but I am yet to hear any of those, but what an interesting and brave choice to remove the singing and focus on interesting musicality instead.

It’s quite difficult really to pick out individual songs on this album as it’s really a mixed back that it better listened to all the way through, preferably when your mind is otherwise altered to get the full effect of the oddness that spews its way out of these eleven compositions. Heck, tracks five and eight don’t even have a name so how could you explain to somebody what songs to listen to. That being said though, NOAM IS MY COPILOT is a track that stands out as it is quite different to the rest of the album and features jazz styled trumpet playing courtesy of guest star Luca Aquino.

I can’t say I personally liked this album enough to keep it in my rotation, but I do think it is done really well, and I truthfully can’t think of another band quite like CHAOS CONSPIRACY at the moment, so surely there are some people out there that will really, really enjoy it.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 7/10

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