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Joop Wolters – False Poetry

Released By : Self Released

Genre : Instrumental, Guitar Virtuoso

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01.  Sponge

02.  Saviour

03.  Ozric Dream

04.  Rage Of 10

05.  Drowned

06.  Renegade Robots

07.  Mi Corazon

08.  Lost

09.  Counterclockwise

10.  Universal Doubt

11.  A Way Home (Bonus Track)

For some reason I’ve always had a bit of a hard time properly reviewing instrumental only albums, no problems listening to them, in fact some of my favorite musical chill sessions include vocal-less music, but it’s very hard to really work out what to say about an album and how to correctly convey your thoughts, especially to those that may not be quite as receptive toward instrumental albums.

What I will say though is that JOOP WOLTERS’ blend of speedy shredding mixed with jazz fusion and sprinkled with a bit of classical inspired stuff is very easy on the ears and is a guitarist’s wet dream. Seriously, this is one of those albums that you listen to and then decide to hang your guitar up in shame as there is so much technicality here that it just shouldn’t be possible for one man to be so versatile. The main success here however is in Joop’s ability to always keep songs structured and cohesive while still throwing in plenty of surprised along the way.

Take for example opening track SPONGE, which on the outside could be perceived as a shred-fest, but listen deeper and you find a great song with even amounts of full-on guitar work and some great slower classical type stuff. Other highlights include the very fusion styled OZRIC DREAM, RENEGADE ROBOTS and the eight minute long track UNIVERSAL DOUBT that really showcases the versatility in Joop’s guitar playing style. I also really enjoyed A WAY HOME which is listed on the back of the CD as a bonus track, not sure why it’s a bonus track particularly but I do think it’s one of the better examples of an all-out guitar rock fest across the whole album.

No, this album won’t be the savior of guitar based instrumental albums, but if you like that sort of thing then there is plenty here to enjoy. The only real question left to ask is why in the world is Joop Wolters not a better known entity in the world of guitar; surely he could land a place in just about any band that was looking to beef up their lead guitar section.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 7/10

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