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Maiden United – Mind The Acoustic Pieces

Released By : Self Released

Genre : Acoustic Metal

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01.  Where Eagles Dare

02.  The Trooper

03.  Quest For Fire

04.  Still Life

05.  Revelations

06.  Die With Your Boots On

07.  Flight Of Icarus

08.  Sun And Steel

09.  To Tame A Land

We have a very special little release to share with you guys here today and before I get into the full review I will just say that I am surprised by how much I enjoyed it and even if you are unsure about it I implore you to at least check it out. Okay so that’s my ridiculous disclaimer out of the way, so what in the world am I talking about you ask?

MIND THE ACOUSTIC PIECES is an album released by a project going under the banner of MAIDEN UNITED, a group of IRON MAIDEN fanatics that got together to create acoustic based renditions of their songs. I can already feel some of you losing interest just based on that comment, but stick with me here alright. For their first release together they have decided to recreate the entire PIECE OF MIND album in their unique acoustic fashion, but where similar projects have failed in the past due to simplicity or straight out imitation, MAIDEN UNITED have clearly spent a lot of time with these songs and each one is unique, interesting and just quietly bloody amazing. The intricacies of the stripped back arrangements contrast against each other in spectacular fashion and just when you think the album is letting up, another little inclusion of some sort will draw you straight back in.

The main Vocalist of the project is Damian Wilson, a name you may recognize from his time as frontman of PRAYING MANTIS or his involvement with HEADSPACE, and while he has been highly respected in the past, I must say that this is the strongest performance I have ever heard from him and his amazing vocals are a true high-point of this interesting album.

Yes you can hear some very slight phrasing similarities to the mighty Bruce Dickinson in places, but he also shows a very operatic and moody voice that actually reminds me of modern day AOR hero Toby Hitchcock mixed with SEVENTH WONDER vocalist Tommy Karevik. A couple of other guests add some great vocals here too, none more special than Anneke van Giersbergen who adds a spectacular female vocal on TO TAME A LAND. Joey Bruers is the mastermind of the project and as well as being the vocalist for one the most respected IRON MAIDEN tribute bands in history UP THE IRONS, he is also maybe one of the biggest fans of the band on the whole planet.

As far as picking out individual songs goes, don’t even bother… This album is a complete experience from cover to cover, and sitting there listening to unique versions of dome of the greatest songs of all time is something that shouldn’t be missed by anybody. I can’t stress enough just how highly recommended this album is but just please go and have a listen, what this group of exceptional musicians has been able to do with these songs is an amazing feat and they deserve every accolade they get. All I can say is that I hope it’s more than just a one-off project, and if they are going for complete albums each time can I please have SEVENTH SON next?!?

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 9/10

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