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Clock Paradox – The Five Precepts

Released By : Self Released

Genre : Progressive Death Metal

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01.  F21

02.  Footprints

03.  Phantom Pain

04.  For The Unity We Breathe

05.  The Perfect Canvas

Okay so this new demo from Finnish band CLOCK PARADOX is based around the usual death metal formula, but it certainly isn’t for the meek minded or the folks that are more used to the commercial leanings of modern day melodic death metal, no THE FIVE PRECEPTS is quite brutal and filled to the brim with unrelenting aggression. Apparently the band has a new singer for this, their third demo release and I haven’t heard what the previous singer sounded like, but this new guy seems to be a great for the band and I’m sure they will want to stick with him. CLOCK PARADOX take a bit of a progressive approach to the death metal formula and also add some stuff that would probably be better described as almost math metal or certainly tech death.

Music-wise I think these guys are onto something here because the songwriting quality is very high and each member seems technically more than capable of running rings around their chosen instrument. The drums have that real tech death feel to them and at times the speed the kick drums is played at almost sounds like a programmed drum machine, but I have it on good word that no such thing was used in the recording process. The bass is always very busy and is a bit of secret weapon here as a lot of death metal has simplistic bass lines that just follow the beat, whereas on THE FIVE PRECEPTS the bass work is more in line with what you would expect to hear from a progressive metal act. The guitars are also on fire throughout the entire demo and the effects they use are a lot less muddy than a lot of other death metal guitarists which really works in their favor.

I do have a few complaints though, two of which are understandable given the fact that this release is just a demo but one that is something I have complained about a lot in the past. The two cosmetic problems I have is firstly the production, which as I said is understandable for a demo but really isn’t doing the band any favors. Secondly the artwork is really, really bad. I believe that the cover art was created by the band’s bass guitarist which shows that his bass playing is certainly much better than his graphic design skills. Once again I realize that with a demo the band wanted to avoid any un-necessary costs, but really, a couple of hundred bucks would have gotten them some much better artwork. Righto, so that’s the two things I am willing to overlook due to the fact that THE FIVE PRECEPTS, so that leaves one more gripe…what is then?… Well, once again we have a band putting an instrumental intro at the start of a five track disk, something that has been a constant annoyance to me for a long time now. It may sound trivial, but it’s really just an excuse to make discs look longer than they are and I would have rather just have the four proper songs and leave aside the intro.

As it stands, THE FIVE PRECEPTS should be sufficient enough for CLOCK PARADOX to garner some label interest, but in the meantime if you feel like checking them out this demo is available for free legal download straight off the band’s own website so you can’t lose when it’s free really can you?

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 6/10

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