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Thromdarr – Electric Hellfire

Released By : Violent Journey Records

Genre : Blackened Thrash Metal, Death Metal

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01.  Electric Hellfire

02.  Burn for the Eternity

03.  Into the Night

04.  Overture of Destruction

05.  Parade

06.  Farewell Dear Nothing

07.  Oasis of Desperation

08.  For All Those Who Dig My Grave

09.  Warriorsoul

10.  Heart of Darkness

Gee some bands can be so persistent, maybe none more so than Finnish black/death metal act THROMDARR who actually formed around twenty years ago and have since been trying their hardest to rise above the pack. In that time they have released a whole stack of demos and E.P’s and also a self-funded full length album in 2000, but ELECTRIC HELLFIRE is their first proper full release and comes to us courtesy of Violent Journey Records. It is quite hard to accurately describe the sound of this album but it somewhere in the middle of traditional death metal and black metal with a very, very slight gothic touch and also a small smattering of thrash metal, but in reality it is probably more suited to the black metal market as the high screams are something that not everybody enjoys, especially a lot of death metal fans.

While I did think that the album was pretty decent, there is also a large feeling of it being a bit mediocre with nothing to really help them stand out against other bands with a similar style and as much as there isn’t anything to really criticize quality-wise, I can see why they have never managed to really break out over the last twenty years. The musicianship and the vocals are all actually very good and it does show that these guys are seasoned musos, but they just can’t seem to write a killer song and unfortunately it causes the album to be a little bit drab really. INTO THE NIGHT and OASIS OF DESPERATION do show that they can write well when they try, but there is too many sub-par songs on offer here to really be a worthy title.

It’s certainly not my intention to criticize this album to the point of tearing it to shreds as I do think it’s not too bad and the band certainly deserve to sell a bunch of copies, but I can’t in good conscience say that it’s a really good album as the fundamental things like good songwriting are amiss here even though the band do really sound like they know what they are doing. If this had of been an album released by a band that was only a few years old I would have probably had more respect for it, but seeing as though these guys have been kicking around together since the eighties this should have been much, much better.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 6/10

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