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Witheria – Vanishing Order

Released By : Violent Journey Records

Genre : Brutal Thrash Metal

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01.  A.T.D.B.T.S.

02.  Obscene Desecrator

03.  The Abyss Within

04.  The Final Hour

05.  The Nameless Beast

06.  Perished In Torment

07.  Bringer Of Chaos

08.  Fire In Black

09.  Timeless

Though VANISHING ORDER is actually Finnish band WITHERIA’S third full-length album up until now they have eluded me so I won’t be referring to any of their older work in this review. But what I will say though is that I was pretty impressed with this album and it’s actually one of the better full-on thrash metal albums I’ve listened to in quite a while. Yes, WITHERIA are a thrash band in theory but they also add a lot of black metal influence and some death metal touches too which gives them a very aggressive vocal sound and a neck-snapping song style.

WITHERIA are obviously a band that don’t want to get classified as one sort of metal and really do change things up a fair bit on the album, but never too much as to stray away from a base that sounds like them all the way through. Gang vocal choruses, old-school death metal riffs, extreme drum blastbeats, black metal vocals and even catchy sections are all found within these songs while somehow still managing to remain thrash metal from cover to cover. Highlights include excellent opening track A.T.D.B.T.S (As The Dust Blackens The Sky) which is full-on from the start and really sets the mood for what is to come, The unrelenting but somehow very catchy THE FINAL HOUR, PERISHED IN TORMENT and closing track TIMELESS which just serves as a reminder that there’s no rest for the wicked and it virtually forces you to restart the album and listen again and again.

For me personally I would have liked for the vocal approach to be a tiny bit less aggressive, just so some of the lyrics were a bit more audible, but in saying that I can certainly appreciate the all-out mix of black, death and thrash metal vocals as it can’t be an easy feat. Once of the high points of this album is the guitar sound so that’s something that the band should never change. The guitars certainly have that thrash metal vibe to them but also have that trebly crunch that makes the near-death metal sections sound very convincing and not just added on novelties. THE VANISHING ORDER is certainly not an album for everybody as it does get a little bit consuming when you’re trying to take everything in at once, but there is a lot to like about the album and I’m sure it will find a pretty decent fan base

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 7/10

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