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David Rock Feinstein – Bitten By The Beast

Released by : Niji Entertainment Group

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Metal/Hard Rock


Line Up:

David Rock Feinstein – Guitar, Bass & Vocals

Nate Horton – Drums

Ronnie James Dio – Vocals on ‘Metal Will Never Die’

Carl Canedy – Drums on ‘Metal Will Never Die’

Garry Bordonaro – Bass on ‘Metal Will Never Die’


01. Smoke On The Horizon

02. Evil In Me

03. Break Down The Walls

04. Metal Will Never Die (feat. Ronnie James Dio on lead vocals)

05. Kill The Demon

06. Rock’s Boogie

07. Give Me Mercy

08. Run For Your Life

09. Gambler Gambler

Ever since the passing of the Holy Diver himself, people, record companies and distributor have been trying to capitalize on everything Dio merchandise. But the real only original source of Dio material is coming from Niji Entertainemnt, something Ronnie and his wife/manager Wendy Dio formed together. They have also released the recent Dio At Donington UK: Live 1983 & 1987double disc. The group has also decided to distribute the latest solo effort from former Ronnie and the Prophets, Elf and the legendary New York metal bandThe Rods founder David “Rock” Feinstein who just happens to be Dio’s cousin.I figure as a nice sign of gesture and respect for the legend, Rock would lay down some tracks to honor a fallen metal icon.

Surprisingly enough Feinstein has been out of the limelight for quite some time now, since the late 80’s the Rods haven’t made any music, even though a new one is expected sometime this year. David has always been a solid guitar player even with his years in Elf the man has shown to rock steady if you now what I mean. But I have to admit the vocals on this release are nothing to jump up for joy about. I don’t know if the production was low key or what, but Rock’s vocals sound as they are being digested by a giant godzilla. Just not a real great job of mixing the songs here. On the opening track “Smoke On The Horizon” the bass seem to be too overblown over the song composition and it takes away from it’s overall sound. There’s no denying the influence in sound here as tracks like Evil In Me” have a Judas Priest inspired guitar tone to it. “Break Down the Walls” is actually one of the most sound crisp songs on the record, with his Accept/AC/DC over line under heavy connotations. Of course the one track that I was excited about was the one of the last recordings that Dio ever did, just a few months before his passing he delivered the track “Metal Will Never Die” an uplifting metal anthem with reminiscences of some Heaven and Hell material we all come to appreciate.

The execution is there but because of the poor mixing, there’s a considerable let down in the vocals department as well. Feinstein is a commendable guitar man but I think on future releases he needs to hire someone to take over the vocal duties. Is cool to hear another Dio track from his last days and with the amount of respect Rock had for his good friend and blood mate, I like that he released a tribute record per say in his honor. Some good and not so good traits to be observed on this Bitten by the Beast, some good intentions we’re of course implicated, but in the end the production and lead vocals brings the level of intensity down a notch and probably makes the album just average. I love to hear more stuff from Feinstein though… the future.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys   6/10

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