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Elvenking – Red Silent Tides

Released by: AFM Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Folk Metal


Line Up:

Damna – vocals

Aydan – guitars

Rafahel – guitars

Gorlan – bass

Zender – drums

Lethien – violin


01. Dawnmelting

02. The Last Hour

03. Silence De Mort

04. The Cabal

05. Runereader

06. Possession

07. Your Heroes Are Dead

08. Those Days

09. This Nightmare Will Never End

10. What’s Left Of Me

11. The Play Of The Leaves

While I appreciate the style and respect all genres in metal and hard rock, I have to admit that the style of Folk Metal has never been one that appealed to me in particular. Of course bands like Finntroll and Skyforger have their own blend of folk metal and likewise their own unique take on the genre, the Italian Folk Metal band Elvenking never really drew my attention until I realized recently that Dave lead vocals from the hard rock band Hell In The Club was actually the same singer for Elvenking there going by his other name sake Damnagoras.

I took an interesting approach to this record simply because I have no previous mateial from the band to compare to and while some of my favorite folky metal bands like Wuthering Heights for instance actually cemented a special place in my heart when it came to my limitless taste in the genre, proving that if the music is well performed it has a chance to impress anybody.

Elvenking now head on their 5th studio album and from the onset they launch they head face forward into a power metal approach into the opening tune “Dawnmelting”, but surprisingly concurring enough balance of melody and power to not mend the ear backwards. The brutal rhythm section burns from the inside out on the power metal backbone “Silence De Mort”, which breaks to a slow refrain in between the speedy madness, adding a nice touch to the track.  Another super melodic number strikes firmly when “Runereader” takes over introducing more of a power metal approach from the rest of the album. The punk roll rhythm of “Those Days” adds yet another layer of variance featuring a cool environment overall. Production wise is a proven winner as Dennis Ward handled the mixing here and all instruments are heard loud and clear, with the drums piercing your ear drums with particular punishment. The voice of Damna has never sounded better, as his sleaze groove adds a perfect atonement to what Elvenking sounds like.

I have to be totally honest, this one took me off guard because there isn’t much of this folk metal to be found on this latest release from Elvenking at all. For the most part they have ignited a more traditional power metal sound mixed with some cool melodic hooks even leaning more towards hard rock, which is shocking for band who dwells in the folk genres. I have to admit it doesn’t surprise me with the enormousness impact that hard rock is having in Italy and the resurgence of the scene in Europe. Bottom line is that it works very well and both metal and hard rock aspects are balanced supremely and compliment each other well. I procrastinator when it comes to power metal, but when it ‘s done to a degree where is not repetitive and redundant, I have to give credit where credit is due. Cheers to Elvenking for moving on a little from their original sound and creating something abundantly entertaining and very catchy.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys   8/10

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