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The Jeff Healey Band – Get Me Some

Released by: Eagle Rock Ent

Release Date: March 29th, 2011

Genre: Blues Rock


Line Up:

Jeff Healey (guitar, vocals)

Tom Stephen (drums)

Joe Rockman (bass)


1. Which One

2. Hey Hey

3. My Life Story

4. I Tried

5. I Should Have Told You

6. Love Is the Answer

7. The Damage Is Done

8. Feel Better

9. Holding On

10. Macon Georgia Blue

11. House Is Burning Down

12. Runaway Heart

13. Rachel’s Song

Nothing saddens me more then a personal loss of a great one, albeit a family member or someone close to you. The timely death of one of Canada’s prodigal rock sons in Jeff Healey was a sad day not only for that country but for any rock and blues fan all over the world. To many Jeff was a unique talent having formed his band in the mid 80’s and perhaps the trait that would make him so notable apart from his exceptional guitar playing…….was that he lost his ability to see when he was very young, developing a form of eye cancer that which caused his eyes to be removed and replaced with artificial ones.

That per severance is enough to inspire anybody, but Healey had a passion for the guitar and eventually started playing at the very young age of three. “Jeff Healey formed his band in 1985, with drummer Tom Stephen and bassist Joe Rockman. Known for playing the guitar flat on his lap, Healey perfected a unique, vibrato-infused resonance that solidified the band’s signature sound.” If that isn’t enough of a landmark for a unprecedented career, think that blues greats Stevie Ray Vaughn and Albert Collins discovered him. Talk about greatness and you will find plenty in those three names.

The band was signed to Arista Records in 1988 and went on to release some streaks of success with albums like “Hell To Pay” and “See The Light”, not to mention Jeff was landed a spot on the cult classic Patric Swayze movie “Roadhouse”. This particular record “Get Me Some” was never actually released here in the USA that is until……..Eagle Rock will re-release this timeless classic from an amazing artist and performer and now after a 10 year wait we get to cherish what we hoped would see more of in the future…….a testament that his music will live on forever.

The swift opening number “Which One” takes control of your soul and JHB classic guitar blues rock playing from the git go, with Jeff’s bluesy smooth vocals leading the way. The hopeful writing of the song “My Life Story” shows a underrated side of Healey, which was his terrific songwriting prowess. The dark grinding momentum of “Feel Better” adds elements of modern rock and even some grunge to the already powerful blues rock atmosphere unlike only Jeff could dish out.

The more up stream and uplifting tightly guitar stranglehold of “Hold On” brings rejoices of moving on and pushing forward, a message you would find often in Jeff’s classy lyrics. The keen guitar lead throughout this song proves once more why the man could flat out play the strings on his Stratocaster. Throw your worries away when you listen to the acoustic ballad “Macon Georgia Blue” with a resounding crystal clear sound that will relax your ear and your state of mind. The soft undertaking of “Runway Heart” brings memories of Mr Big’s great ballad “To Be With You” with a similar melodic chorus dancing in the wind.

This hidden gem is a wonderful retrospect of what The Jeff Healey Trio as all about…. a mix of traditional blues rock with modern and alternative impressions and a heavy dose of terrific songwriting skills. I wonder and wonder what could of been if Jeff was still around and since his passing in 2008 the rock world lost a truly great musician and songwriter. For fans here in the USA this is simply a must buy for any rock fan in general and for Healey fans everywhere is a sure bet already. Another gifted musician and guitar god taken way too young, let’s treasure the wonders he offered to us while down here and toast a big one for Jeff Healey and his band as his music will never bite the dust. Highly Recommended!!!!

When your world is cold, and your day seem to drag on, forever,

Feel like your soul were sold, for nothing, for nothing and you

Never, felt such loneliness, or emptiness, and your old friends are so hard to face,

That?s when you come to me, you come to me, when you need a safe embrace

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys   9/10

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