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Corsair – Ghosts Of Proxima Centauri

Released By : Self Released

Genre : Progressive Rock, Stoner Rock

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01.  Wolfrider

02.  Warrior Woman

03.  Burnish The Blades

04.  Centurion

05.  Orca

06.  Eyes Of The Gods

Raw, direct, edgy, punchy and odd are all words that can be associated with this new album from Charlottesville natives CORSAIR and if you are a fan of stoner rock, space rock or progressive rock listen up as GHOSTS OF PROXIMA CENTAURI is sure to be a treat for your ears. I was unfortunate to have missed out on hearing the band’s previous release, their debut E.P ALPHA CENTAURI but after being quite impressed with this new disc I think I may have to go and seek it out.

One of the real special things about this band is that they really are hard to describe and manage to stand out with a bit of unique sound without having to resort to the overly weird stuff that a lot of other progressive bands attempt in a bid to stand out. Yes, it’s definitely best described in a broad sense as progressive rock, but the raw sound, the tube sounds on the guitars, the dual guitar attacks, the earnest vocals and the overall vibe also lend themselves toward classic psychedelic rock and some of the longer musical passages are straight out of the space rock playbook, but take all of this and add a layer of fuzz and haze from the stoner rock arena and that takes us somewhere close to describing what this disc truly sounds like. There’s a bit of BLACK SABBATH, a touch of THIN LIZZY, a decent serve of HAWKWIND and even a tiny little smidge of classic rock revivalists WOLFMOTHER just to help make it still seem modern enough while clearly catering toward the retro rock audience.

The album also comes in a very unique packaging which is made of one hundred percent recycled cardboard and features hand screened black only artwork. Normally I would have a problem with this sort of thing as I really like full-on colored lyrics booklets and plastic cases, but it really does match in well with the music and gives the overall product a very unique feel. Check this band out of you like all things progressive and stoner, but just don’t be too angry if they don’t exactly match my description, once you hear them for yourselves you will understand why describing them is so difficult. If you want to go straight to the cream of the crop here head toward WARRIOR WOMAN or the epic ORCA and you’ll be in good hands. The only real complaint I have is that six songs isn’t quite enough and I think next time around CORSAIR should be looking at releasing a fuller, more fleshed out disc with something like nine or tens on it, apart from that small qualm though the rest of this release has left me quite impressed and eager to keep an eye on the band… A good result.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 8/10

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