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Mike Tramp – Stand Your Ground

Released by: Independent

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Hard Rock


Line Up:

Mike Tramp – Lead Vocals, Guitar

Claus Langeskov – Bass

Søren Andersen – Guitar

Morten Hellborn – Drums

Emily Garriock – Vocals, Keyboards, Percussion


1 – Don’t Let Them Put It On You

2 – Alright By Me

3 – Distance

4 – Gotta Get Away

5 – Straight From The Look In My Eyes

6 – Got Me Crazy

7 – Wish You Well

8 – The World Is Changing

9 – Prettiest Girl

10 – Say What You Will

11 – The Soldier Never Started A War

12 – Hymn To Ronnie

Mike Tramp, the leader, mastermind and lead vocalist of quite successful 80’s glam metal formation White Lion, has been trying his luck with numerous projects in the past decade, including attempts to recover White Lion and also solely solo career. This is already his 7th or 8th solo album, and as I’ve been fan of Mike’s extremely unique ‘rough silk’-y voice, I was quite curious to see how does his new material sounds like.

Well well, consider me surprised here. Stylistically, there’s not much change as far as I remember his previous works – mainly introspective hard rock heavily revolving around acoustic guitar and Mike’s special voice, with usual bluesy/southern feel to the songs. Though, I’m not sure why but this time all the songs feel very united in the overall structure, and I feel some pretty strong musical message woven within the notes (not lyrics, I’m not following those as usual). There are moments when I feel like listening to some older acoustic Bon Jovi live show, as the choruses on Stand Your Ground are extremely memorable, and the guitar work also resembles Richie Sambora a lot.

I’m aware that this comparison is a double-edge sword and might put some potential listeners off, but remember, there were times even Bon Jovi were a real hard rock band. Also, their acoustic pieces are pretty good even now (for a pop/rock band at least). I’m definitely not trying to say that this album steals anything from Bon Jovi though – it stands pretty firm on its own, and is surprisingly catchy and strong if you feel like having some laid-back semi-acoustic hard rock show in your headphones (or wherever you are listening to it). This really worked too well for me, though I suppose I was exactly in the mood for music Stand Your Ground offers.

Written by Eeepi

Ratings Eeepi   8/10

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