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Ceremonial Perfection – Alone In The End

Released By : Nailboard Records

Genre : Melodic Death Metal

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Tracklist :

01.  Intro

02.  Symbols and Processes

03.  Blinding White

04.  Havoc

05.  Autumn of Memories

06.  Through Your Devil Nature

07.  My Labyrinth

08.  Asymmetry

09.  Tomorrow of Today

Now before I get too far into this review I have to let you know that CEREMONIAL PERFECTION are a pure melodic death metal band with no other influences or styles flowing through their music. The only reason I say this is because I know a lot of the metal listening public are moving away from this particular genre in search of something new and fresh, I totally understand this way of thinking, but ALONE IN THE END is one of the best examples of the genre in years so if you have ever been into this style of metal I am imploring you to stick around for just one more album at least.

I’m just going to come out and say it….this album is almost as good as anything godfathers IN FLAMES ever released and it’s clear that they have been a bog influence here, even the band’s name comes from the lyrics of an IN FLAMES song. Now keep in mind that the average age of the members of CEREMONIAL PERFECTION is around twenty, then consider that IN FLAMES first came onto the scene seventeen years ago (I bet you feel old now hey?) in 1994. What that means is these guys have actually grown up with this sort of music as the main driving force of the popular metal genre over the last decade and a bit, so it’s no wonder that most of their influence comes from this area.

The pure dedication to the melodic death metal sound really helps to drive this one home, and with nothing else attempting to be mixed in we end up with a very concise album which as I said is one of the best the genre has seen for a long time. Don’t believe me?…. Well just crank up opening track (after the obligatory intro of course) SYMBOLS AND PROCESSES, truly one of the year’s best metal songs featuring everything you could ever want from a melodic based death metal act. But don’t stop there though HAVOK, THROUGH YOUR DEVIL NATURE and ASYMMETRY are also pretty darn amazing too. If I was forced no find something negative here it would probably be that the vocals are a little ordinary every now and then, but it’s such a rare event that it hardly causes any lasting grief. Maybe the drums could have been a little more brutal and engaging in parts too but once again a very minor qualm that doesn’t affect the overall awesomeness you will find.

Considering how young these guys are and the fact that they will grow in skill and class as time goes by, it’s actually pretty scary to think just how good they could become. The simple fact is that if this album had been released eight or nine years ago in the genres heyday it probably would have been heralded as a classic. As it stands though it’s still a very, very good album and comes highly recommended to anybody that is still following the melodic death metal genre.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 9/10

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