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Cholera – Prophecies Of Annihilation

Released By : Self Released

Genre : Progressive Death Metal

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01.  Road Into the Fire

02.  Enslaved Humanity

03.  The Lost Traveler

04.  Reminisce

05.  Prophecies of Annihilation

It’s funny how some bands can spend years, and even sometimes their entire lifespan trying to find their sound and put something worthwhile down on record, then you have other bands like CHOLERA who just simply get it right from the start. These guys are only very young and minus an E.P last year, this is their first proper release.

The band play a brand of progressive death metal that manages to mix elements of traditional metal, progressive metal, extreme death metal and even some deathcore but somehow it remains a cohesive effort that is very easy on the ears. Over these five long tunes you will hear many things going on, but each song still manages to stand out from the other ones in its own way and each definitely has a melodic base while still retaining the ability to rip holes in your eardrums.

What I really love about these guys though is their ability to blend styles together seamlessly, take for example the huge nineteen minute center-piece of the album THE LOST TRAVELLER that draws influence from DREAM THEATER, then heads towards OPETH, then over to PORCUPINE TREE and pays a small visit to VOIVOD along the way. While this may sound like a few too many good comparisons I assure you that PROPHECIES OF ANNIHILATION is worthy of the accolades. ROAD IN THEFIRE and REMINISCE are also very, very good tunes but to be honest there really is five out of five winners here, no filler in sight!

CHOLERA are surely close to getting a deal with some sort of record label, this self-released album is better than half of the stuff released these days on metal labels around the globe. If you are a fan of death metal in any form, or even any iteration of progressive metal you owe yourself to check this one out.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 8/10

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