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Nation Despair – Lies

Released By : Self Released

Genre : Melodic Death Metal

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01.  Isolation

02.  Lies

03.  Cleansed By Conviction

04.  Greed

While my first instinct is to describe this band as melodic death metal, that may not quite be entirely accurate. Yes it’s death metal, and yes it’s melodic but these guys don’t quite fit alongside other melodeath acts like NORTHER, DARK TRANQUILITY and IN FLAMES. Instead what NATION DESPAIR bring to the table is very modern sounding metal with some groove metal passages layered with pure old-school sounding death metal vocals. I’m thinking maybe a cross between MACHINE HEAD and MORBID ANGEL with a little smattering of CARCASS in there too. Once again though, the shining light here is everything is given the melodic treatment…Not so much as to weaken the intensity level, just enough to keep the songs in your head and give you a reason to go back to it.

The guitar combo Jukka and Jussi works really well here with some ultra-powerful chugging riffs and some great modern slower breaks, I would have preferred a bit more lead guitar work throughout the E.P but that’s just personal preference and certainly only a very small qualm. I also noticed that the production here is overall very good for a self-released effort and really does show a band that knows what they’re doing and knows what they have to do to get there.

It’s understandable that they have chosen LIES as the title of this E.P as the title track is the best of the bunch here and features a great mid-paced groove laden main riff, and when combined with the guttural growl of vocalist Eetu Tingander it makes for quite a unique sound. Each of the other three tracks are a worthy listen in their own right but LIES is the one they will be using to showcase the band I’m sure.

The LIES E.P is a good example of a band that’s close to breaking through… They have enough uniqueness to stand out without being too far off the beaten path for metal fans to get into. However, when the time comes for these guys to record a full-length album I feel that they may need a little more variety in the vocal department and a few more interesting lead breaks from the guitars. Apart from that though NATION DESPAIR seem to be well on their way up and now would be a good time to get on the train.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 7/10

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