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Stargazery – Eye On The Sky

Released By : Pure Legend Records

Genre : Heavy Metal

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01.  Dying

02.  Everytime I dream of you

03.  Eye on the Sky

04.  How many Miles

05.  I am the Night

06.  Jester of Kings

07.  Judah (The Lion)

08.  Puppet on a string

09.  S.O.S

10.  Headless Cross

One of the trickiest parts about reviewing music is working out what genre certain bands and albums belong to, yes a lot of bands like to say they defy genres titles and things like that but for people reading reviews they want to know what sort of music we’re talking about. So I must say it’s very refreshing to be able to consider this album as pure and simple good old HEAVY METAL. Sure, there are some power metal and melodic metal elements here, but both of those genres stemmed from traditional metal anyway. For comparisons look no further than DIO, ASTRAL DOORS and Tony Martin era BLACK SABBATH, which is quite fitting due to the fact that the band do an absolutely awesome version of HEADLESS CROSS on the album. There is also an element of a heavier type melodic rock here too, but that just adds to the classic sound of the album.

Though this is the band’s debut album don’t be fooled into thinking this is a group of newcomers as every member of this band has paid their dues for a long time now. Guitarist Pete Ahonen and drummer Jussi Ontero for example are both members of BURNING POINT and GHOST MACHINERY. Keyboardist Marco Sneck has spent time in KALMAH and POISON BLACK. Bassist Jukka Jokikokko has recorded with SCARLET THREAD and is also a member of BURNING POINT. But the most recognizable name here is probably front man Jari Tiura who played with SNAKEGOD and was also once a member of the might MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP. With such a strong pedigree of musicians, making this album good was always going to come naturally, but really they have all gone above and beyond here and created something that easily stands head held high against anything these guys have done in the past, maybe even surpassing most of it too.

I could go on and on about each track here as they are all great, but for the true best of the bunch look no further than DYING, JESTER OF KINGS, JUDAH (THE LION) and the epic metal ballad EVERY TIME I DREAM OF YOU, which is in no way as wimpy as the title may suggest. There is a great mixture here of chugging metal and a few really good slower brooding songs just like the slower stuff DIO used to do. I really did enjoy everything about this album and think it will be a great surprise for any fans of melodic hard rock, power metal, melodic metal and traditional heavy metal.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 9/10

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