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Debauchery – Germany’s Next Death Metal

Released By : AFM Records

Genre : Death ‘n’ Roll, Death Metal

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01.  The Unbroken

02.  Zombie Blitzkrieg

03.  Warmachines at War

04.  Animal Holocaust

05.  Bloodslaughter Onslaught

06.  Germany’s Next Death Metal

07.  School Shooter

08.  Death Will Entertain

09.  Armed for Apocalypse

10.  Genocider Overkill

11.  Killing Is Our Culture

12.  School’s Out

I love getting stuck into serious music about serious topics as much as the next guy, but every now and then there is nothing wrong with listening to some tongue-in-cheek music that is meant to be looked at purely as fun. In the past I have very much enjoyed album from GWAR, LORDI and GREEN JELLY, now the next band to join those ranks is Germany’s own DEBAUCHERY. As a matter of fact they have been laying down their comedy inspired death ‘n’ roll type music for nearly ten years, but I must admit that there new album GERMANY’S NEXT DEATH METAL is my first introduction to them. The album title is a play on words and spoofs the NEXT TOP MODEL television shows and features a pretty awesome cover artwork with a top model type animated chick holding a monster sized chainsaw, plenty to like there then, as long you understand the humor I guess.

For those that are yet to hear the band I guess the best way describe them is they play dirty bar band rock ‘n’ roll music that draws its inspiration from MOTORHEAD, KROKUS and AC/DC, but then layered on top of that is a large amount of old-school styled death metal vocals and the occasional banshee-like wail. There are also several occasions where the music goes more toward old-school death metal too with some brutal blast beats and filthy riffs.  On paper there’s no way it should work, but when put together it somehow gels together quite well. I doubt that this would work if the band tried to take itself seriously, but luckily that really isn’t the case at all.

ZOMBIE BLITZKRIEG is one of the more traditional heavy tunes on the album and my personal favorite. Then immediately following that is a pure AC/DC inspired (with pure death vox) gem WARMACHINES AT WAR. BLOODSLAUGHTER ONSLAUGHT, DEATH WILL ENTERTAIN and KILLING IS OUR CULTURE are also noteworthy songs. Tacked onto the end of this album is a cover of ALICE COOPER classic SCHOOL’S OUT, now while it’s decent enough, I’ve heard many better versions in my time.

Now let’s be honest here, DEBAUCHERY aren’t what you would call a great band and mixing various metal styles with slight humor and a less serious edge is certainly nothing new, but GERMANY’S NEXT DEATH METAL is a fun romp from start to finish that will definitely appeal to fans of bands like LORDI and GWAR. I just can’t wait to read some reviews of this album by people that thing music is strictly a serious art from with no room for fun or off-the-wall antics….they’re gonna tear this one to shreds.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 7/10

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