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Jaded – Higher EP

Released by: Independent

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Hard Rock


Line Up:

Katy Reign – Vocals, Keys

Britt Lightning – Guitars, Vocals

Laurel Wolff – Bass, Vocals

Hillary Blaze – Drums, Vocals


1. Higher

2. Gear in a Machine

3. Tonight

4. Missing You From Boston

5. Hear Me Now

The 4 members of the American (Boston area) all-female band JADED do not only look good, but also sound very tight and rock quite hard on their new mini-CD ‘Higher’.

The band’s singer KATY REIGN has one of the strongest voices in the female fronted Hardrock/Metalworld and musically speaking JADED is sometimes comparable to THE DONNAS, DAMONE and HYDROGYN, but clearly heavier during the opening titletrack, wich is a big groovy Heavy Metal tune with really fat guitar riffs. Next track “Gear in a machine” is more groovy Hardrock and also quite heavy during the chorus.

Personally I think following track “Tonight” shows JADED at their very best, because this is a very strong Classic 80s inspired uptempo Melodic Rocker, reminding of bands like LITA FORD, POISON DOLLYS, ENVY, GYPSY QUEEN… and this song has a very catchy chorus the fans of classic FF Melodic Rock will absolutely love. If more songs in this style would be included on a future full-length CD we have something to look forward to! Things slow down during the ballad “Missing you from Boston”, another really great melodic tune here, on which Katy can show her excellent vocal skills.

Closing track “Hear me now” is a catchy uptempo Melodic Heavy Rocker that reminds a lot of THE DONNAS, yet with some awesome guitarwork included as well. So, this mini-CD starts off quite heavy during the first 2 tracks, a bit modern and very groovy Metal based, which isn’t bad either, but the 3 other cuts are definitely more interesting as these are all very strong Melodic Hardrock based tunes.

Written by Gabor

Ratings Gabor    8/10

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