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Merging Flare – Reverence

Released by: Disentertainment Records

Release Date: May 11th 2011

Genre: Power Metal


Line Up:

Matias Palm: Lead & backing vocals

Kasperi Heikkinen: Lead & rhythm guitars, backing vocals

Joni Hattuniemi: Rhythm guitar

Harri Leinonen: Bass

Henri Pyy: Drums


01. At Daggers Drawn

02. Faker

03. Carved In Stone

04. Terrordome

05. In The Line Of Fire

06. Steel Redeemer

07. Pride And Bravery

08. Killing Ground

09. Under The Fire

10. Star Odyssey

11. Sign Of The Crimson Storm (Riot cover)

Hailing from Finnish country are these close outfit of power metal heroes who call themselves Merging Flare. Interesting name to say the least, regardless of the interesting band name what you have here are a group that has  actually been together since 2001 and late went on to release  promo in 2005 titled “Hell To Pay”. Have you heard of these guys? Well I hadn’t in fact the only thing that made me check out this promo was the fact that legendary guitar and power metal legend Kai Hansen ex Helloween and current Gamma Ray main man guest vocals and plays guitar on 4 tracks.

Of course you can expect the kind of power metal assault that is typical of the genre, clustered infested with ambitious giant riffs and double kick drumming abuse like predecessors of the genres past. Apparently the bands  lead rhythm guitarist Kasperi did some replacement Gamma Ray gigs during the Majestic and To The Metal tours while he substituted for the injured Henjo Richter. Is not uncommon to pick up the traditional power metal sound of the great German metal band and you can see the effects trickle down on the opening track “At Daggers Drawn”, featuring a ferocious lead rhythm. Hansen lends his guest vocals on the track “Steel Redeemer” and it gives it even more explosive abrasion.

The more folky anthem engraved in “Carved In Stone” actually works pretty well, and here the vocals sound a lot better due to the more mid level tempo shift as compared to the maniacal assault from the other tunes. The more Judas Priest influences vocals glare with embrace as Kai Hansen guest guitars on this groovy power metal tune.

You know what to expect from these type of bands, if power metal is your thing then you want to check them out but you won’t award them anything for being groundbreaking. I did thumbed up the variance in some of the tracks in terms of tempo towards the end of the record and yes the last Riot cover tune is halfway decent regardless of the not so glaring vocals of the lead singer. Pretty solid debut from a band that you would think might have a few more releases under their belt. For power metal fans worldwide who just can’t get enough of those cranky double bass pedals and evil ridden blazed guitars is worth checking out…

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys    7/10

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