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Human Cometh – HCII

Released by : Independent

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Hard Rock/Metal


Line Up:

Morgan Pettersson – Lead Guitar

Kaj Roth – Lead Vocals

Bjorn Pehrson – Bass

Jon Robbins – Drums

Jay Schankman – Keyboards,

Rob Coney – Backing Vocals

Steve Gardner – Backing Vocals


1. Alone in the Dark

2. Red Balloon

3. Love Games

4. Hyperspace

5. Challenger Deep

6. Super Volcano

7. Ambassadeur of Rock

8. Fight of the Skyscrapers

9. King of Spades

10. Smash Crash

One of these hit and run moments per say as I like to call them, it seemed like a flash of memory when in 2009 the collaboration between the Swedish Hard Rock band mixed with American musicians Human Cometh released their debut record “Evolution”.  Although the album didn’t receive widespread press I liked what I heard from the out fit and saw some promise in their sound. They mixed an interesting amount of dark melodies crossing the line between Hard Rock and Metal. Two years go by and they return with their sophomore release “HC II” titled appropriately together with lead guitar man Morgan Pettersson and lead singer Kaj Roth, the group got Dan Swanö to mixed the album as well.

Interestingly enough the band’s singer Roth actually used to be a reviewer for another online publication, that is until he joined Human Cometh. What are the chances? He actually has a pretty solid voice that fits the mold of what the band’s style does pretty well.  I enjoyed the dark atmosphere in the first record and the album opens up with something similar in the song “Alone In The Dark’, has a creepy vibe to it that works somehow. The more up tempo menacing punch of “Hyperspace” breaks the unique barrier on HC II with a stronger sounding riff and thick bass pounding ala Tool, throw in some death growls for good added evilness. The ethereal vocals of the female duet in “Into The Deep” adds a more catchy and melodic feel to this particular song. Another highlight comes in the power ballad of “Fight Of The Skycrapers” featuring some strong high rising chorus lines with an under layer of soft acoustic  passages and a tasty guitar solo.

I didn’t know what to quite make of Human Cometh as they have a unique sound and the songs here on HC II followed a more varied formula. They are a misanthropic mixture of dark, melodic Hard Rock even borrowing some progressive metal elements in spots. I think this will eventually be the hardest thing for a band of this caliber to break through in any particular genre, even fore fans haven’t heard of their sound. While I think they songs probably lack identity, I thought the production was very well executed, the guys are all very skilled musicians and the high quality of each songs versatility while simple, it’s commendable. Check them out and make up your own mind.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys   7/10

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