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Shakra – Back On Track

Released by: AFM Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Hard Rock/Melodic Metal


Line Up:

John Prakesh – Vocals

Thom Blunier – Lead Guitar

Thomas Muster – Rhythm Guitar

Dominik Pfister- Bass Guitar

Roger Tanner – Drums


01. B True B You

02. I’ll Be

03. Crazy

04. Back On Track

05. When I See You


07. Yesterday’s Gone

08. Someday

09. Lonesomeness

10. Unspoken Truth

11. Brand New Day

12. Stronger Than Ever

Shakra is indeed back on track. After the departure of their lead vocalist Mark Fox (Markus Fuchs) fans of the Swiss group we’re probably wondering how they we’re going to bounce back. Fox has been regarded as a very good vocalist that fit the band’s mold of melodic hard rock with astute class and power. For fans of the band you can recall the most excellent record “Rising” from 2003 which help land the band into the spotlight in the Scandinavia Rock scene, but since then the band has been dishing out records on a pretty consistent basis and doing a pretty damn good job at it if I may say so myself.

Although their sound has evolved into a more straight forward melodic metal approach and has left some of the more Hard Rock elements in the dust, I still enjoyed their past records. The band decided to replace Fox with the more darker and raspier vocals of John Prakesh and to be honest, they did a fine job in their choice. This dude fits the more metal style of the band with conviction. His pipes are hard rock in style but fits the more stylistic speedier tacks on the new record.

The songs fluctuate with invigorating energy, something the band has always managed to push through its music. The ultra hook slide step riffs in “MMTWGR” provides a tight leading riff which exposes the band faster and bigger sound to true form. Of course for any fans of Pretty Maids you will notice certain comparisons in spots in songs like “When I See You” and “Crazy”.  The more arena hard rock anthem of “Yesterday’s Gone” carries a good more modern riff that adheres well to the listeners ears in terms of an updated sound, ohh the guitar solo is pretty bad ass too.

Could this effort improved in the writing department? Sure, but hey Denys what about the sound does it sound the same as the other efforts? Sure it does is melodic and still manages to sound heavier then previous efforts. But if it sounds the same wouldn’t it make it a boring record? No, not really if you’re a fan of  Hard Rock I don’t see why you shouldn’t check it out, plus the new vocalist can hold more then his own. I won’t go and say is the best stuff they have ever done, but as it stands is sure to please Hard Rock lovers regardless of the more heavier feel in structure and overall sound. This is what Shakra does so it shouldn’t surprise anybody when you hear this one, no real surprises just solid musicianship.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys    7/10

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