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Agincourt – Angels Of Mons

Released By : Self Released

Genre : NWOBHM

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01.  Edge Of Paradise

02.  Going Insane

03.  Captured King

04.  Break Down

05.  Come With Me

06.  This Life

07.  Fool No More

08.  Queen Of The Night

09.  Promised Land

10.  Agincourt

How many bands take twenty years to record and release their first album? Not too many I’d imagine, but that is definitely the case with British metallers AGINCOURT. There has been many factors as to why this has happened, none more so that a case of unfortunate timing. Not too long after their original formation and two self-released E.P’s, the music phenomenon known as GRUNGE saw to it that any band playing an older style of rock or metal would be thrown aside for an entire generation. It took a further eleven years until members Richard E. Toy, Russ Weaver and Frank Miracco decided it was about time to give things another crack. The band’s original drummer was busy doing other things so they recruited ex-BENNEDICTION and SCARAB skin man Paul Brookes. A year later Miracco decided to part ways with the band, replaced quickly with the group’s newest member Paul Anderson in guitar duties.

After a couple of years of writing and getting back into the swing of things 2001 sees AGINCOURT releasing their debut album ANGELS OF MONS and if you want to know what sort of music the band specialize in look no further than NWOBHM. The band do add some of their own unique take on the genre with the occasional more modern influence and the use of the odd keyboard here and there, something that is rarely associated with the genre. All in all though, this is a pretty traditional sounding recording made even more authentic by the slightly raw production values, maybe this was due to fund limitations or maybe the band was just going for that eighties sound but whatever the reason, the production is half of the appeal of the album.

The songs themselves are nothing too special, and apart from a few highlight moments in tracks like CAPTURED KING, FOOL NO MORE and QUEEN OF THE NIGHT it really is a case of heard it all before. But don’t let that spot you from checking the album out as releases with such an authentic NWOBHM sound are few and far between these days. If you area a fan of IRON MAIDEN, JUDAS PRIEST and early day DEF LEPPARD be sure to check out ANGELS OF MONS….It’s no miracle cure to be sure, but it’s definitely a fun ride and more than worth the admission price.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 7/10

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