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Sylvan Realm – The Lodge Of Transcendence

Released By : Self Released

Genre : Melodic Black Metal

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1. Sylvan Realm

2.Disappear Into The Landscape

3. Temple Of Not

4. The Lodge Of Transcendence

5. Twilight Kingdom

I listen to a lot of music, music that covers just about every nook and cranny that can possibly fall in the entire rock & metal music landscape. Some more than others and a few that I very rarely look into. I must admit that one of these genres that is rare for me to visit is anything concerning black metal, so when I do delve into an album from the genre like I did recently with the new release from SYLVAN REALM I spend as much time with it as possible.

Spending time with this album is something I highly recommend, as even though it didn’t really grab me much at first, with each further listen I found myself getting drawn in more and more. While typical black metal is the order of the day for the most part, THE LODGE OF TRANSCENDENCE also adds some melodic influence, a slight bit of the symphonic sound that has made the genre more accessible over the last few years and even a tinge of progressiveness too. The production is pretty raw, but that may well have been the aim here as we all know that true black metal is meant to sound uncomfortable and confronting to the ears. The songs do tent to flow into one another a little too easily making the whole album feel a little repetitive, but it’s the occasional moments that are the highlight here.

A good example of these moments is a few of the guitar solos that are clearly prog metal inspired, not in a virtuoso way, but very melodic based and interesting. The way the vocals blend in and out of black metal screams also keeps things fresh within certain songs. It’s these little moments that make this disk worth seeking out, just be prepared to work a little to find them.

Headstrong black metal fans may struggle a little to get into this one as may not be extreme and evil enough for them, but if you are an open-minded metal fan that isn’t shy about trying something with a black metal base there is much to like here. SYLVAN REALM are obviously not afraid to try and break down the barriers that typically trap their chosen genre, so the least we can do is give them a fair go.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 7/10

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