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Acyl – The Angel’s Sin

Released By : Self Released

Genre : Progressive Metal, Modern Metal

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01.  The Evil Depth

02.  The Birth of an Idea

03.  The Alienation of Authenticity

04.  Obduracy

Wanna hear something really weird?…..How about an English speaking metal band from France that mix modern metal, groove metal and progressive metal with Ethnic influences and North African instruments. As if that’s not weird enough on its own, in an odd twist this E.P actually came out sounding pretty bloody good. If you took the different instruments and the ethnic influences away from THE ANGEL’S SIN, what you would be left with is a ROOTS era SEPULTURA sounding groove metal disc with ordinary vocals, but when the other layers are added to the mix you can ensure that if nothing else, your time with this disc will be an interesting one.

Obviously whether or not you can get into this E.P is a matter of individual tastes as it’s really hard to distinguish a certain market that these songs would appeal to, suffice it to say though this is interesting music for people that demand more than three chords and a drum beat. Clearly the metal side of things takes centre stage, but the varied instruments (some of which I’ve never heard of before this release) and the near-tribal pounding of the drums gives it real ‘world music’ vibe too. Where this E.P works though, is in the fact that the band have really carved out a unique sound and style which is consistent throughout the songs while still having enough stand-out moments to constantly surprise and amaze. For example, one moment you may be listening to straight up modern groove metal, then all of sudden an instrumental passage will make you feel as though you should be listening to it on a camel’s back in the middle of the desert. From there you will be transported into the jungle with some crazy afro-beat type passages and then some old-school death metal will mix it up with some deathcore out of nowhere.

When you think about it, this E.P really could have turned out a mess, so even you don’t particularly get into the music, you have to tip your hats to ACYL. They have managed to mould a whole heap of different styles together and include a whole heap of rarely used instruments but never once do they stray from their course, For that reason alone, this band needs to signed to a label as soon as possible, I can’t wait to hear what they can do in a full album scenario.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 7/10

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