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Gypsy Pistolero – Duende : Last Of The Pistoleros

Released By : 100% Rock Records

Genre : Sleazy Hard Rock

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01.  Welcome To The Hotel De La Muertos

02.  They Call Me De Django

03.  Rubi’s Got A Gun

04.  Jezebel

05.  Sangra De Las Rosas

06.  Stand & Deliver

07.  Los Suenos Del Los Muertos

08.  Johnny Peligroso

09.  Woman

10.  Livin’ Down With The Gypsies

11.  Shotgun Kiss (Trigger Soul) (live studio demo)

12.  Switchblade Kiss Comes Close (As You’ll Ever Be) (live studio demo)

13.  Sonic Reducer (live studio demo)

It must be very frustrating to spend so much time creating something truly unique and interesting in today’s musical landscape to only stand by and watch it all fall apart a mere couple of years later. This is exactly what happened to Lee Pistolero, main songwriter and vocalist from the band GYPSY PISTOLEROS, a band he built from the ground up with a very unique sound and style that mixed sleazy glam rock with flamenco influences and a shout out to Mexican folklore and Spanish tendencies. Now there’s very, very few bands I can think of that even come close to this unique style so to say they had something special going on would be an understatement.

After spending a few years building up a pretty serious fan base due to their combination of great music and a memorable stage show, and the release of a handful of pretty successful albums the band unfortunately imploded. That’s where this album comes into the picture…. Lee Pistolero decided to keep the flame alive and dropped the “S” off the end of the band name to signify his taking over and now he has released his first album under the new moniker and it’s titled DUENDE – LAST OF THR PISTOLEROS, a perfect album title really.

Soundwise, this album picks up exactly where the last band left off, with a sleazy & dirty hard rock sound tinged with Flamenco music and songs that sing about things related to the Mexican way of life. The fact that Lee was the main songwriter in the band makes it easier to transition without too much fuss. The guitars sound a little different here and there and the bass guitar work seems to be a little more prominent and well-played, but overall it’s easy to recommend this one to fans of the original GYPSY PISTOLEROS. Songs like THEY CALL ME DJANGO, SANGRA DE LA ROSA and JOHNNY PELIGROSO are all worth hearing and truly sound like nothing else that is out there at the moment, and a special mention for a great and unique cover of the Adam Ant hit STAND AND DELIVER. The album also offers up another cover in the form of JEZEBEL, a timeless tuned originally recorded by Frankie Lane, but this one isn’t as good as the Adam Ant one.

Anyone that has a passing interest in all things Mexicano would be doing themselves a favour by checking this one out, sleaze rock fans that are looking for something a little different will also find much to like on DUENDE – LAST OF THE PISTOLEROS.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 7/10

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