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Dust Of Everday – Dust Of Everday

Released by: Echozone

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Dark Rock


Line Up:

Masi Kriegs –Vocals, additional guitars

Peter Feld – Guitars, additional vocals, additional keyboards, programming

Axel Heinrichs – Bass, additional vocals

Dustin Feld – Keyboards

Mario Reichartz – Drums


01. Tomorrow

02. Afraid To Breathe

03. Rock N Roll Moon

04. Walking Away

05. Stranded

06. Queen Of The Night

07. Seven Sins

08. Things Inside

09. Requiem

Have never been to keep on the gothic rock scene in general, other then being familiar with bands like The Cult and 45 Grave. I know it was something of a movement in the 70’s and early 80’s, particularly in places like London. The reality was the genre found its own sub culture and they played for their devoted fans. I have kept out of touch with any new acts in the scene for a few years now, but decided to check out the promo for the band Dust Of Everyday which feature a gothic rock sound with some new wave influences.

Not being the easiest of genres to digest, especially considering that most of the lyric can be dull and the music is obviously moody and dark overall, I approached this record with a open mind. Anyways the band hails from Cologne, Germany and brings forward a very un balanced sound because they don’t stick to one particular formula. They have the typical gothic arrangements in places, but also laid down some mediocre type soft tunes like “Walking Away” which falls just short. I did dug the cool more Hard Rock approach of “Rock N Roll Moon”. Those electronica new wave elements build its way and throughout the tune “Stranded” and as it stands it sounds like a slow brooding futuristic escapade.

A case of seemingly loosing track of any unknown not mistaken identity. I don’t think the band wanted to sound like this, I mean their Gothic laden tunes are fine, but when they switch from a ballad, to a downer folky tune in “Queen of the Night” it tends to loose interest in the listening experience.

I suppose you should now already to checkout the samples before judging the band. Perhaps next time the band will stick to a certain musical direction instead of some unstable balance in the way they perform. You won’t find any flashy atonement for the band, but they could definitely use the help in deciding what sound they want to approach in the future. I know the ghotic rock scene still has a pretty significant following so for those I recommend checking it out before jumping to conclusions. I tried really hard to get into this album, but struck out with bases loaded.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys   6/10

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