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Eumeria – Rebel Mind

Released by: Independent

Release Date: ????

Genre: Progressive Metal


Line Up:

Jonny Tatum – Vocals

Bobby Williamson – Keyboards

Reece Fullwood – Guitars

Kevin Bartlett – Drums

Shawn Kascak – Bass Guitars


1. Legion

2. Delusions

3. Rebel Mind

4. Father

5. Tides

6. The Key

7. Red Light Flies

8. Dreaming Of Death

9. Secret Places

And here is born a very interesting project led by former Outworld keyboardist Bobby Williamson. I was first introduced to Eumeria by the all seeing metal madman himself, host of the  best online metal radio show “The Metal Madman Radio Show“, John Madman. I was told to check these guys out and their upcoming project. So I contacted a couple of the band mates and Bobby was kind enough to send us a promo. Interested to hear that the band is a mix of UK musicians and Williamson who lives in Texas, a trans Atlantic ensemble for sure.

I was a fan of Outworld’s release in 2006 so I was looking for that kind of punch on the band’s first debut record titled “Rebel Mind”. Also for those shredders and guitar freaks I’ve heard some good things about the band’s guitar player Reece Fullwood, a master shredder per say. The guy has some freak ability on the strings and some of that can be heard on Eumeria’s new record.

Immediately you hear a head crushing groove open the album in fine fashion when the number “Legion” blasts through with a ferocious up roar. Another powerful punch is featured on vocals by lead singer Johnny Tatum who’s strong pipes steam rolls each song with added propulsion. The title track is a perfect progressive metal piece, featuring some explosive drums and yes I said it……..keyboards. The impressive vocal buildup in “The Key” is astounding and beautiful at the same time, behold the sheer power of the progressive elements unite in harmony with a crushing blow.

I know the progressive metal genre sorta gets a bad rap sometimes because of the use of the same typical elements in all their songs structures, but the fact is that you will normally have a few good standout releases each year that stand on it’s own.  This same thing goes for Eumeria as their sound here reminds of some older Redemption material and even some Circus Maximus style flare up in spots but the what sets the band apart is the powerful rhythm on guitar and the thundering drums. The guitar playing is excellent as it does not border on your typical wankery and showoff traits that are predominant playing this style. Their lead singer Tatum does a superb job as well, as it is required of him to hit some high notes over the monster riffs, and he does quite well there. One of the most enjoyable releases of the year in the progressive metal category, go check it out.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys  8/10

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