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Warrant – Rockaholic

Released by:Frontiers Records

Release Date: May 17th, 2011

Genre: Hard Rock


Line Up:

Jerry Dixon – Bass, vocals

Erik Turner – Rhythm Guitar, vocals

Joey Allen – Lead Guitar, vocals

Robert Mason – Lead Vocals

Steven Sweet – Drums, vocals


1. Sex Ain’t Love

2. Innocence Gone

3. Snake

4. Dusty’s Revenge

5. Home

6. What Love Can Do

7. Life’s A Song

8. Show Must Go On

9. Cocaine Freight Train

10. Found Forever

11. Candy Man

12. Sunshine

13. Tears In The City

14. The Last Straw

I didn’t even have any expectation for the new Warrant album to be anything noteworthy. I mean after the mediocre  last release “Born Again” in 2006 I wouldn’t have put this new Warrant album on the top charts of anticipated releases, but guess I was wrong. For all of the long time fans of the band you will recall that the last record featured the vocals of Black N Blue vocalists Jamie St James. In 2008 Warrant original members, Erik Turner, Jerry Dixon, Joey Allen and Steven Sweet welcomed long time band friend and fellow touring mate, singer Robert Mason someone very highly regarded in the Hard Rock circles, and if you will recall Mason has worked with Lynch Mob and Ratt in the past as lead vocalist as well.

Anywho at least the band picked up a very strong front man but that wasn’t my curiosity, what I wanted to hear was what the band’s sounds would sound like 25 years since they’re formation.  I don’t put too much stock into new line ups and this and that, the bottom line is is the music any good? On this particular Warrant release, yes it is in fact you will notice a very old school Hard Rock sound that can be found in the electric riffs adding some catchy backbone rhythms.

Normally I would go into detail about each track and what stands out and what doesn’t, but to be honest the whole record flows very heavily balanced with catchy hooks and modern Hard Rock transmission. The band picked up an very “go get it” up tempo rocker in “Sex Ain’t Love” as it drills forward with menace. The more evil western cowboy mood of “Dusty’s Revenge” plows right through with Mason hammering down some chunky vocal parts, the lead rhythm here is very well done. The power ballad “Home” has to be one of the strongest songs I’ve heard all year, another superb job by Robert Mason on vocals and man super catchy melody. I hear a video single will be out soon for this song.

Alright well let’s get right to the point here, this is not a typical Warrant album, is obvious Mason and the rest of the guys took a new approach to their song structures, most sleaze or glam isn’t anywhere to be found and guess what? I could care less because to be honest there were too many 80’s band in the day doing that better then Warrant anyways. The truth is this new sound is very bluesy more melodic hard rock more to the vein that Frontiers Records releases in the bands they sign. Actually some older Lynch Mob fans may enjoy this one because Mason’s voice warrants you to take notice and sounds very similar to the more rocking style of Lynch.  Now does everything work here? No course not you have a few tunes too tamed in comparison to the rest of the record , but the overall atmosphere is pretty good and for a total of 14 tracks you have plenty to cheer about. I have to take my hat off to yet another band that refused to just die off and disappear in it’s infamy of their 80’s glory days, but no they decide to trucker forward and release a killer record with a very capable lead singer here in 2011. Welcome back boys!!!

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys  8/10

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