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Dorian Opera – Crusade 1212

Released By : Solemnity Music

Genre : Progressive Metal

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01.  Ouverture 1212 (Instrumental)

02.  Soldier of Fortune

03.  Sermon In Saint-Denis

04.  Follow Your Heart

05.  Crusade (Instrumental)

06.  Two Hearts

07.  Harbour of Marseilles

08.  Carthago

09.  So Long

10.  Hope

DORIAN OPERA is a relatively new band put together by two members of the traditional heavy metal group SOLEMNITY who themselves have been around since about 2001 or so. This new venture released its debut album NO SECRETS back in 2008, and while it certainly showed potential with its classical music inspired progressive metal sound it was plagued by a very ordinary production, making it sound way more amateur than it should have.

This time around though that particular issue has been rectified, and while not quite up to tonal quality of the more major releases in the progressive metal genre it’s definitely a step in the right direction and much, much better than last time. The quality of the songwriting has also significantly improved, so much so that this album works as a concept story, and each little part feels just as important and gripping as the next. I’m not sure I’d say that the playing itself has improved as I already thought from their first album that each member of this band was a master of their chosen craft, a fact that is made even more evident when heard at a higher quality.

There’s a lot of keyboard work flowing throughout this album, maybe just a little bit too much for me personally, but it is certainly played well and will mesmerize fans of the more symphonic side of progressive metal and power metal. This fact alone gives the album a very SYMPHONY X vibe in places, especially when it kicks into high gear and the technical skills start taking over. Of course any modern progressive metal release can be compared to DREAM THEATER, which is a fair assumption here too, but they never actually feel like a copycat band of anyone else. I can also hear a little bit of YES and a touch of PINK FLOYD in the band’s sound, which helps to balance out the heaviness with a little more melody.

CRUSADE 1212 is an excellent album no doubt about it, and DORIAN OPERA have shown with this release that they are serious about making it in the progressive metal game. I don’t think they’re quite up with the kings of the genre just yet, but they are surely a lot closer than most and only need a little bit of finessing to be ready to take on the world. Bands like SEVENTH WONDER are the next in line to take the throne from bands like DREAM THEATER and SYMPHONY X, but the line after that begins with DORIAN OPERA…..Jump on the bandwagon now, I’m pretty certain that bigger and better things await this band and it’s only a matter of time and a little bit of luck.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 8/10

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