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Extinctionist – World Extinction

Released By : Self Released

Genre : Brutal Death Metal

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01.  World Extinction (1 down 7 billion to go)

02.  Vortex Of Worms

03.  Claustrophobic Cacophony

04.  Slam Dome

05.  Autopsy Asylum

06.  Nocturnal Sepsis

07.  Fully Automated Aggression

08.  Unfold The Death

09.  The Executionist

10.  Chant Of The Paradox

11.  Scourge of the Posterity (I Am Ash)

12.  Corrupted By Perversity

The main thing I noticed about this new album from EXTINTIONIST is just how freakin’ brutal and full-on it sounds.  Of course the fact that they are an extreme/brutal death metal group makes this a pretty obvious comment, but with the added effect of some grindcore type intensity and a habit of playing short and sharp songs that don’t let up even for a second just gives this album that little but more brutality than most in the genre.

This album is dark too, with some pretty miserable lyrics painting a stark picture of the future showing that humans need to be eradicated in order for the planet to live etc.. etc..  When sung in the guttural tone that id found on this album it almost feels as though the devil himself is rising to surface to begin clearing humanity out and if you let yourself sink in to music it’s a pretty haunting experience.

Musically there’s nothing here you haven’t heard before….insane blast-beats, low & deep guitar riffing and a whole heap of bottom end, but inlike a lot of death metal these days that spends a lot of time in a mid-pace setting most of the songs here are intense and fast all the way through which is the main reason for its appeal really.

WORLD EXTINCTION is a good, brutal and unrelenting death metal album that shows that there’s still life in the genre, even if there’s nothing much that can be done to make it sound any different. Good songwriting, great musicianship, powerful vocalist and a bass-heavy quality production all add up to make a release more than worthy of checking out for all of those into any genre relating at all to traditional death metal. I will certainly be checking out anything that EXTINCTIONIST may do in the future.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 8/10

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