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Mark Healey – Inside Out

Released By : Angel Air Records

Genre : Soft Rock Pop/Rock

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01.  Anything

02.  Don’t Know What Love Is

03.  Inside Out

04.  Something’s About To Change

05.  Rain In the Streets

06.  Someday A Dream

07.  Matter of Time

08.  Know Who You Are

09.  Begin Again

Mark Healey may not be a name that you instantly recognize, but that doesn’t mean that he has come out of nowhere to release his first solo album titled INSIDE OUT. Healey begun his music career as a highly respected musician in his local scene and after playing in countless bands with varying degrees of success all his hard work paid off in 1986 when he was selected as the new bass player for British hit-makers BADFINGER. Since then he has been busy playing countless live shows with the band and has also opened up his own recording studio PLANET NINE PRODUCTIONS.

His new album INSIDE OUT was originally released into North America only back in 2009 but has recently been picked up for re-release via Angel Air Records complete with an informative booklet and refreshed artwork. Though the album isn’t bad in any way, I can see why there wasn’t much fanfare about it the first time around and I would actually be surprised if it does any better this time either. The biggest problem with it really is that it all comes out seeming a little bland. The songwriting itself is pretty good and the production is fantastic but the execution leaves me feeling a little bored with the whole thing. The music here is based around an inoffensive brand of either soft rock or pop/rock which finds Healey basically cruising through the tunes without much effort. Occasionally the album breaks out something resembling the classic rock sound of late seventies on songs like DON’T KNOW WHAT LOVE IS and MATTER OF TIME and this is where the album is at its best and I think it could have done with another two or three songs in this vein rather than a few of the more bland ones like RAIN IN THE STREETS and BEGIN AGAIN.

There is not much here resembling HEALEY’S endeavours with BADFINGER, but INSIDE OUT is a pretty cruisy album that is suitable as a bunch of background tunes or even something worth checking out for fans of the slower stuff done by bands like CHEAP TRICK and HEAVY METAL KIDS.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 6/10

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