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Hell – Human Remains

Released by: Nuclear Blast Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Heavy Metal


Line Up:

David Bower – Vocals

Kev Bower – Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals

Andy Sneap – Guitar

Tony Speakman – Bass

Tim Bowler – Drums


1. Overture: Themes from “Death Squad”

2. On Earth As It Is In Hell

3. Plague And Fire

4. The Oppressors

5. Blasphemy And The Master

6. Save Us From Those Who Would Save Us

7. The Devil’s Deadly Weapon

8. The Quest

9. Macbeth

10. Let Battle Commence

11. No Martyr’s Cage

I mentioned it many times before, but there definitely must be some (un)official competition which long forgotten band can make its comeback after the longest time. English Hell are definitely taking it seriously and are aiming for the top – their latest album was released far back in 1982! If they would have waited 1 more year, it would be a stunning comeback after 30 years, but they missed their chance, sadly.

Anyway, talking about English bands and early 80’s, you could safely assume that Hell from Nottingham used to be one of myriads of NWOBHM bands, and they managed to keep some of it even for their new release. And what an album that is – if I didn’t know it’s not true, I would bet they spent past 29 years recording and polishing this release. Really, no wonder Nuclear Blast signed them – this really deserves as much money as you can spend on promotion, because we are probably talking about the best heavy metal release of 2011, if not even the whole past decade. Obviously a conceptual album, but what a tight dark atmosphere it has! Can’t avoid comparisons to Mercyful Fate probably, but it’s far from any copying. But the absolute highlight of the album would be vocals of David Bower. It’s impossible to describe what this man does with his voice, but if I tell you he sounds like a mix of King Diamond and Helstar’s James Rivera, while being better than both these gentlemen, you might get a clue. Damn insane voice, considering he has never sung on a metal album before, and his original job is stage/TV actor.

Oh well, you can tell I’m rather impressed when my review doesn’t hold together well or make much sense. What we have here is one of the most impressive comebacks ever, and not just because of the longest gap, but also because of rather unusual, fascinating approach towards creating a modern heavy metal album. I find it funny that a band that has literally risen from its grave can make an album with fresher riffs and ideas than all big 00’s bands that have been attempting to do the same thing for years. It says something about the current state of heavy metal scene, but rather than philosophizing about it, give this a spin and hear the difference by yourself. I really doubt we will hear a better heavy metal album this year (if not even for longer time).

Written by Eeepi

Ratings Eeepi   8/10

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