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Strange Karma – Volume 1

Released by: FNA Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Classic Hard Rock


Line Up:

Martin Strange – Lead Vocals, Piano, Guitar;

Paul Strange – Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals;

Jason McDonald – DW Drums;

Doe Prijono – Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals;



Down and Out




Harder Than A Stone


Young and free

Mind Games

Indian Sun

Perhaps the most unequivocally journey of a band is not the shooting story of success, but the struggle to get their names out to the world and the scene. It seems like the Sydney natives definitely took the road less traveled when it came to finally releasing  a record deal. Hell a journey that started in a New York bar when lead singer Martin Strange head a few drinks and decided to get up and sing eventually lead him to discover his passion for rock. The two brothers Martin and Paul Strange started gigging up the Australia local  scene soon thereafter;  driving around acoustic sets and eventually lead them to start a band after some great feedback.

Is amazing the kind of stuff that some bands go through in getting their music out there, when you get a copy of a CD for review sometimes you just don’t really appreciate the hard labor of work they put into it; sure the music may not be the greatest at times but you still have to respect the effort of just putting your music up for the world to hear. The difference in this time is that Strange Karma is a damn good band with a unique lead singer that that has classic rock feel all over his exhilarating vocals, yes he sounds like a copy of a young Robert Plant in his hay days, hear those wails by Martin Strange in “Time” holy shit can this band hit on some interesting groovy stuff.

Listen I’m not trying to compare him just pointing out some similarities in vocalization style to Plant, the music itself has a strong hard rock feel but never leaves behind is true classic rock atmospheric thundering clap. Want more hammer of the gods? Listen to the man belch out an explosive quiet “Storm” number on this electrifying Hard Rock staple, that darn riff just gets me every time brings back some old Zepp memories while hammering down some liquor and listening to the best ROCK on the weekends back in the day. But is not all shits and giggles carbon copy of anything, these guys have their own sound at times sounding very diverse; for instance listen to “Young and Free” a very cool piano lead track that sounds different then the rest of the record in general, the drumming here although subtle add a nice marching staple to this cool track. Even the last track ‘Indian Summer” is a giant mix of classic rock with some psychedelic formations, some of it’s root structure reminds of The Mars Volta in parts.

These guys wear their influences on their sleeves but in no way shape or form are they clones of that iconic band we talked about (hint the diversity in songs styling we mentioned earlier)…, the group has taken the best from both worlds and now over a 3 year span finally has managed to released this copulated giant of a record. Strange Karma doesn’t hold any bars though, they blast out with a ferocity that will bring joy to any old school rocker, the instantly recognizable guitar riffs, the high octane pacing and the strangle unique voice of Martin Strange takes the band to a new realm. Put together 10 total tracks of passion and redemption because after all it took the band a hell of a journey, line up changes and personal adversity to get this record out; and now is here and I was as shocked and surprised as the next guy as to what I heard herein. All I have to say is when in the hell is the next record? and please don’t take another 3 years okay? Very recommended, endorsed with a classic rock seal of approval……..

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys   8/10

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