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Adakain – Silhouette Of Lies

Released By : Blistered Earth Entertainment

Genre : Alt. Metal, Modern Rock

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01.  Sky Is Falling

02.  Distant Eyes

03.  Good Time Girl

04.  Dreaming

05.  In The Shadows

06.  Change

Those of you that follow the modern alt. rock genre and to a lesser extent the nu-metal genre may be familiar with a band called Element 80 that was making a few waves in the scene a few years back but then suddenly disappeared. Don’t panic if you haven’t, but let’s just say that they were pretty good at what they did and were definitely on the rise up until their demise. The reason I bring this up is that the drummer from that particular band Ryan Carrol is one of the founding members of this newer group called ADAKAIN.

While this band does share a few similarities in sound to ELEMENT 80, there is a bit more melody to be found here and a touch more radio-friendlyness. But that isn’t a bad thing here as the catchiness of the songs and the overall polished sound is a perfect fit for modern rock radio. What appeals to me the most about ADAKAIN is the band’s new vocalist TRAVIS BUCK, who has a great polished voice with just the right amount of angst and aggression to ensure that there isn’t too much of a pop-type sheen on the songs. The songwriting in general and the guitar work is also quite commendable, but a band can only be as good as their front man most of the time, something which ADAKAIN no longer have to worry about.

To get an idea on what SILHOUETTES OF LIES has to offer, try and imagine if you will a bit of TAPROOT and BREAKING BENJAMIN, mixed with a slight touch of the more emo sounding vocals of a band like FROM AUTUMN TO ASHES then add some STAIND and even a light hint of Aussie indie rockers THIRSTY MERC to boot. It’s still a pretty standard alt. rock sound really, but the inclusion of the lighter vocals and the use of some clean guitar helps to separate ADAKAIN a little from the glut of bands doing a similar thing these days. The album is no revelation and certainly won’t convert non-fans of the whole modern rock style, but for fans of the genre there is plenty to offer on this short E.P and definitely enough class to warrant some interest from some of the bigger labels. ADAKAIN have already been lucky enough to tour with bands in the calibre of MUDVAYNE, SEVENDUST, TAPROOT and BUCKCHERRY, but I feel there’s a whole lot more in store for their future if the cards fall right….Good effort, now let’s hear a full length album please.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 7/10

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