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Ana Kefr – The Burial Tree (II)

Released By : Musesick Music

Genre : Progressive Modern Metal

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01.  Ash-Shahid

02.  Emago

03.  Monody

04.  In the House of Distorted Mirrors

05.  Thaumatrope

06.  Bathos and the Iconoclast

07.  The Zephirus Circus

08.  Jeremiad

09.  Apoptosis

10.  Parasites

11.  Paedophilanthrope

12.  Fragment

13.  The Blackening

14.  The Collector

If I wanted to be lazy at the moment I could complete this review with five simple words…..F&*^KIN’ AMAZING…BUY IT…NOW. Yes, it’s that good. But in the interest of everyone reading this I guess I better elaborate a little bit then hey?

Describing ANA KEFR is a pretty hard task really, but basically they are a progressive modern metal band that draw inspiration from several different genres and manage to come up with a fantastic style all of their own that deserves some serious respect. Across the album you will hear sections of death metal, black metal, groove metal, metalcore, deathcore, heavy metal, gothic metal, thrash metal and also touches of blues, hard rock, progressive rock and jazz. That may seem like a lot to take in all at once, which it probably is but it’s more than worth trying as THE BURIAL TREE (II) is a hidden gem in an ocean of mediocre releases and clone bands that plague the metal scene this generation.

The fact that the band manage to make the album sound so cohesive defines reason and the fact that all fourteen songs feel like they are connected is a massive feat in itself. Musically, it’s bloody brilliant, but I also need to make mention of the sublime vocal work of Rhiis D. Lopez who can seamlessly change from black metal squeals to death metal growls without effort and also has a very, very competent modern metal voice too. He really strikes me as one of those guys that could front a whole heap of different bands in different genres and still sound perfect with each one. There’s plenty to like here in the lyric department too…Very thought provoking and well written across the board.

I don’t want to go into too much more detail because THE BURIAL TREE (II) is really one of those albums that’s best discovered as you go along rather than knowing about all of the surprises beforehand.  I will stress though, if you are a fan of any kind of modern based metal or you like anything that is both progressive and experimental ANA KEFR is a band you need to associate yourself with right now. THE BURIAL TRE (II) is one of the most interesting and complex metal albums I have listened to so far this year and is sure to be loved by many. It really pains me that bands like ANA KEFR get hardly any attention when they are clearly better than a lot of bands that sell millions of records to this day, do yourself a favour and jump on the bandwagon now, I have a feeling this band are in for a wild ride to the top.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 9/10

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