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Pegazus – In Metal We Trust

Released By : Black Leather Records

Genre : Traditional Heavy Metal, Power Metal

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01.  Metal Messiah

02.  Road Warrior

03.  Old Skool Metal Dayz

04.  We Live to Rock

05.  Haunting Me

06.  Eye for an Eye

07.  Ghost Rider

08.  Metal Gods

09.  End of the World

10.  Death or Glory

11.  Old Skool Metal Dayz (Extended Version)

The thunder from down-under has finally returned after almost ten years, and I’m happy to report that it’s business as usual in the PEGAZUS camp. Most people by now know that the band are Australia’s best traditional metal/power metal export, but their new album IN METAL WE TRUST may well be one of the most metal-ly sounding metal albums heard anywhere in a long time. There’s absolutely nothing revelatory here and certainly nothing to make it apparent that is recorded this decade, but some things are better when left un-touched and the PEGAZUS sound is definitely one of them. These guys are absolutely dedicates to old-school metal ways and their passion for this sort of music shines though in their conviction and really is the reason this album is so enjoyable…. For example when vocalist Justin Fleming belts out the line “It gives power and strength to those who believe, the ones who will stand up and fight” I truly feel as though he believes it to be true, which is something not always found in a lot of the more superficial power metal based acts releasing soul-less albums these days.

The band’s sound is a bit of a hybrid of Euro sounding power metal mixed with a more British and American sounding traditional heavy metal and while certainly not unique in their field; once again it’s the pure passion shown here that brings it up above a lot of others. OLD SKOOL METAL DAYZ is a great song that sounds a bit like a slightly heavier version of TWISTED SISTER, minus the cheese. HAUNTING ME takes things closer toward the DIO end of the scale and is a very enjoyable tune too. DEATH OR GLORY is one of the more straightforward power metal type tracks on the album and is pretty decent too. PEGAZUS also try their hand at a JUDAS PRIEST cover byt offering up their own version of METAL GODS. It’s obviously not going to challenge to original for supremacy, byt the band definitely did it justice.

PEGAZUS are one of those bands that just seem to always be there when needed. Sure a nine year gap is pretty long these days, but with IN METAL WE TRUST the band has picked up exactly where they left off after the release of their previous album THE HEADLESS HORSEMAN and are clearly back in the saddle. If you are yet to discover the band, now is the time to check them out…sure, they’re not doing much to stand out from the absolute dozens of other power metal/trad metal bands going around these days, but as an Aussie I’m very proud to be able to introduce the thunder from down-under to a few new people.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 8/10

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