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Heart – Night At Sky Church DVD Review

Released by: Eagle Rock Ent

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Classic Rock

Links: http://www.heart-music.com/




3.Straight On

4.Love Alive

5.Mistral Wind


7.Hey You

8.Red Velvet Car

9.These Dreams

10.Safronia s Mark

11.Your Long Journey

12.What About Love


14.Crazy On You


16.Magic Man


17.Back To Avalon

18.Kick It Out

I realized it’s been a while since we reviewed a DVD concert, but since we have recently added the DVD review feature on our site I figured it was a good time as any to rock out to a concert that was released a few months ago through Eagle Rock. I’m talking about what are quite possibly one of the best female duo classic rockers of all time in Heart. The Wilson sisters Nancy and Anne have been kicking ass and taking names since the mid 70’s when they crashed into the rock scene garnering early success in Canada, through a long list of chart toppers and classic rock anthems we all know today. The band’s has had an incredible career in terms of album releases, and live recordings and have always been known as greats live acts.

There’s no need to explain the significance of this legendary band, from the amazing vocals of Ann Wilson, to the great versatility of Nancy, they have forever planted themselves in the classic rock Americana ground of best acts of all time. Go to a karaoke bar and you are bound to find some classic Heart hits to sing along with, you pop a local classic rock station and you hear “Barracuda” or “Crazy On You” played countless amount of times. Their accomplishments speak for themselves and so does this pretty solid live DVD performance “Night At Sky Church” filmed and shot in March 2010 at the Experience Music Project in Seattle.

The dynamic duo returned after a few year hiatus in 2010 with their release of “Red Velvet Car” which was received well somewhat in certain circles, let’s just be honest the music scene now has changed so much that is hard for any band trying to make a splash. But also the band has found itself evolving as any cagy veteran rock band has. The band’s has maintained it’s lineup almost intact since their 2004 album “Jupiters Darling”, except for new comer bassist Kristian Attard.

The real deal here still are the sisters who take center stage and still rock out some of their past classics. Anne Wilson can still hit some high notes even though father time tends to suppress the vocal pipes for many, and in some songs you can feel she’s lost just a bit of a punch in the higher octaves. Regardless is a fine performance by her and sounds damn good after all these years. Listen to “What About Love” and “Magic Man”, a personal favorite of mine, they still breathe life into each song and do each song true justice. I like the way that Nancy uses the flute on the track “Mistral Wind” which features a more progressive rock under tone. “Straight On” is one of the early hits of the and flows through very nicely with another fine job by Anne.

Even though I respect bluegrass singer Alison Krauss wonderful voice, I don’t know if it really blended very well here on the guest tracks “These Dreams” just not really a Heart type of feel to the song. It was a nice gesture from the band to add her to the set regardless.

Let’s just face the fact that these ladies still can deliver a fine performance with plenty of energy that is never lacking on their live sets, this particular DVD although short on features will deliver a fine live in the cut deliverance of grace and rocking hard times. The video is very well shot and the venue itself is pretty nice , especially the backdrop behind the band on the main stage. Any fans of Heart will indeed find something great on this release, for fans of Alive In Seattle DVD from the band you will no doubt want to check this one as well. Also catch the band on tour here in the states now as they are on the road with Def Leppard.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys   8/10

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