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Human Zoo – Eyes Of The Stranger

Released by: Sony Music Entertainment Germany GmbH / Fastball

Release Date: July 08, 2011

Genre: Hard Rock/Melodic Rock


Line Up:

Thomas Seeburger – vocals

Ingolf Engler – guitars

Zarko Mestrovic – keyboards

Markus Ratheiser – bass

Kevin Klimesch – drums

Boris Matakovic – saxophone


01. Amy & Allison’s Memories

02. The Answer

03. Gimme Your Time

04. To The Top

05. Everything Changes

06. Eyes Of The Stranger

07. Fall In Love

08. World Behind You

09. Hold & Care

10. Want It – Love It – Like It

11. Welcome To Paradise

12. 10.000 Years Ago

The Human Zoo are back with their third studio album since 2006, and this time around well not much has changed in terms of style, you still have the glaring Scandinavian Hard Rock infused in the back bone of the music, and yes the unique saxophones solos are still there. When I first heard the band a few years ago I was attracted to them because of the unique use of the sax in their music, it reminded me of some traditional west coast sounds mixed with the more up beat European hard rock elements. Like predecessors before them, such acts like Gotthard, Coldspell, The Poodles, hell even Edguy in places because of lead singer’s Thomas Seeburger vocals resemblance; these guys use mostly the same formula throughout their record but in a good way.

This third installment of Human Zoo comes hot on on the heals of their solid sophomore release titled “Over The Horizon” back in 2007. If I was naive to think I would hear something extremely groundbreaking I would have no hesitation at all to say so, but the fact remains that the above mentioned comparisons come out clearly on the bands new record “Eye Of The Stranger”. But you know what? Who cares I think is probably among they’re better albums yet and yes there’s plenty of saxophone solos which is something that I think distinctly sets the bands sound apart from other acts in the scene.

Apart from the creepy weird intro of “Amy and Allison’s Memories” the album flows well with the hard rocker “To The Top” and the more AOR vibes of “Everything Changes” pacing itself nicely here I wish they would play more laid back stuff like this I think it works very well with the saxophone especially, plus lead singer Seeburger atonement glues itself to this track very tight. Now I don’t mean to be blatant but the title track “Eyes Of The Stranger” sounds like a carbon copy Queensryche song, the creeping bass line is eery similar to the Ryche, but the overall sound itself is completely different, maybe not the most original song I’ve ever heard but it I like it is a good tune on here.Probably the strongest track here is “Fall In Love”, arena like anthem choruses, the sax and a super cool lead guitar trenches the song forward with an undeniably strong appeal.

Good but nothing special although I did find myself grooving to some of the songs in a major way. Nothing like some good Scandinavian Hard Rock and these dudes can fit right into the scene seamlessly with some of the other bands going strong there now. I mean the thing that makes you take notice is the melodic under tones, the catchy riffs and the odd use of the saxophones which in essence bring out some West Coast AOR stuff which eventually solidifies the bands sound. Is a nice mix record to listen to a few times and a rather improvement over the last albums. The Zoo comes to your house in July, for fans of the band is a must get.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys   7/10

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