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Stampede – A Sudden Impact

Released by: Rock Candy Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Hard Rock


Line Up:

Reuben Archer (vocals)

Laurence Archer (lead guitar)

Chris Clowsley (guitar)

Rob Wolverson (guitar)

Colin Bond (bass)

Steve Graystone (Drums)


01.Send Me Down An Angel


03.Having Fun

04.Make A Change

05.Hard Rock Hell

06.This Road

07.Homeward Bound

08. Shame On You

09.Natural Disaster

10.Humble Pie

11.Flaming Gold


13.Flaming Gold (Acoustic)

I have wondered why the reunion of the great UK Hard Rock band Stampede sparked them to be associated with the term NWOBHM? I know they came into prominence in the early when that style was famous and very popular,  but when I think bout that term I think about more “metal” bands like early Priest, Iron Maiden, Tank, Saxon etc…the list goes on on o. Stampede while being heavy, they really had a more polished melodic rock sound then those previous mentioned bands.For that reason alone I was really excited to find out that a band like this still manages to release something this day in age when so many past acts are struggling to stay relevant. I mean what do they have to loose? Judging from a first listen on their new record “A Sudden Impulse”, I wonder why in the hell it took so long for a follow up.

It’s definitely been a long time coming for the band a nearly 3o year span since they released their biggest hist “Hurricane Town” in 83. The always charismatic vocals of lead singer Reuben Archer still sound inspired, and the reunion in 2009 with the other brother Laurence Archer (lead guitar) and Colin Bond( bass), brought new live gigs and inspiration for a band that had left the scene for a long while. Even though the band split in the 80’s. Laurence went on to join Phil Lynott in his band Grand Slam and later joined UFO for 3 album recordings.

Fast forward the ticket back to 2010 and the band decided to write a new record after aptly signings a new deal with Grind That Axe, a division of Rock Candy Records. I have to tell you there is just teaching old dogs new tricks, these veterans know how to play and refuse to kick the chair. I guess is just really easy to see why these guys decided to hit the come back trail, they knew they still had some left in the tank. Listen to opening track, the very bluesy openings of “Send Me Down An Angel” and you hear some classic old school riffs bumping through. The single “Having Fun” still shows some typical melodic rock elements, and Archer’s voice still has some life left in the tank, hinting at some old school Sammy Hagar stuff in it’s root chords. The nasty lead guitar lick in “Shame On You” is pretty killer, making it one of the highlights of the record.

The slower tunes are where I was a bit drowned out, maybe is me personally I like a little more oomph in slower tunes. This is where the album looses some appeal for me. For instance “Make A Change” sounds totally different then the rest of the album in terms of sound structure. On the other hand even though “Homeward Bound” is a slower rock tune, I like the chorus here very much. In the end you probably won’t be blown away by much, but if your a fan of the band after all these years then…..well do yourself a favor and check it out. I think if the band wanted to prove if they could still point an arrow in their direction and show some sign of life, well I think they achieved that much. Just don’t head over heels over this one. I will however let you know that the band is scheduled to release a sophomore release to “A Sudden Impact”, ill look forward to that one a little more.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys   6/10

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