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Apache – Radical Sabbatical

Released By : Burger Records

Genre : Garage Rock, Indie Rock

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01.  Bad Kids

02.  Heaven Can Wait

03.  Finger Banger

04.  Pint Size Punker

05.  Bloody Knuckles

06.  Outside

07.  Jam Pusher

08.  Beat Myself To Death

09.  Faster Louder

10.  Hospital Bed

11.  Oh, Me And Courtney

12.  Boomtown Gems

Sometimes as a music reviewer you have to throw caution to the wind and have a go at something you usually wouldn’t listen to. Doing this keeps you on your toes and gives your ears a much needed break from the constant onslaught of similar stuff you hear. Sometimes this can be a disaster but other times it can lead to some pretty cool discoveries. This new album from APACHE is, for me at least, the latter. I hadn’t heard of the band prior to receiving this album and even though there has been a fair mention of their previous album BOOMTOWN GEMS, I haven’t heard that one so no comparison will be made.

APACHE play a pretty different style of music that draws as much from indie rock and garage rock as it does old-school punk rock, but the whole thing is approached with a slightly tongue-in-cheek feel and while I wouldn’t say it’s comedy, it sure isn’t all that serious either. I’m thinking that maybe a mixture of say THE DAMNED, SEX PISTOLS, THE VINES and even a bit of FLEET FOXES is about the best way to describe their sound, but it really is something you should check out some samples of to see whether or not it will be up your alley, as I said normally I wouldn’t have gone for something like this but I ended up really enjoying it. As far as the musical side of this album goes let’s just say it’s a fun romp through some classic retro sounds and styles that has a very wide appeal and worth every penny of the asking price…. But there’s something else I want to make mention of though……

Burger Records have decided to release this album as a limited edition print of 500 vinyl copies and let me tell you firstly that I have one of them in front of me and secondly it’s pretty darn cool. Let’s start with the wacky front cover that is totally wicked, but also when you flip it over to the rear you could swear its 1978 all over again, but in a good way. There’s also a retro looking fold-out poster (remember those?) that is pretty cool too. On it is instructions for a drinking game where you have to have a shot every time the bands says “Yeah” on the album…be careful if you choose to partake though as you may need a pretty big bottle. The vinyl itself is a blue color that looks sort of like a psychedelic effect or even a tie-die effect which really does complete the package.

Go and check out a few samples, and if you enjoy what you hear order yourself one of these great vinyl editions, but do it quick as they are sure to sell out pretty easily.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 7/10

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