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Dynahead – Youniverse

Released By : Self Released

Genre : Progressive Modern Metal

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01.  Ylem

02.  Eventide

03.  Inception

04.  Unripe One

05.  Confinement in Black

06.  Circles

07.  My Replicator

08.  Repentance Hour

09.  Way Down Memory Lane

10.  Redemption

11.  Onset

I always get a little excited when I receive a package from Brazil as bands from that country have proved time and time again that you never quite know what to expect. This new album from DYNAHEAD was no exception and it certainly is something pretty different. But as we all know, different doesn’t always mean good, so how does YOUNIVERSE fare then?

Well, to be honest I’m split right down the middle with this one and I’ll tell you why… DYNAHEAD are a progressive modern metal band that take a bit of a throw everything on the wall and see what sticks approach to their songwriting. While on one hand this ensures that the album is constantly serving up interesting musical passages and different bits and pieces, on the other hand it feels a little bit like there’s too much going on here and nothing solid enough to keep any level of cohesiveness throughout the disc. This in itself is an interesting point as YOUNIVERSE is touted as a concept album. Lyric-wise I can certainly see it, but concept albums require a little bit more musical commonality to really work properly.

The closest reference I can come with here is sort of a cross between SYSTEM OF A DOWN, DEVIN TOWNSEND and EXCITER, and while this may sound like a tasty platter for progressive music fans a cautious approach is recommended. The band flirts with many different elements here including modern grove metal, old-school thrash metal, death metal, black metal screams and even some jazz-fusion, but quite often they attempt to incorporate a little too much into individual songs and they end up sounding a little too chaotic.

There is however a few shining moments of brilliance that do well to show what the band can actually do in songs like UNRIPE ONE, CIRCLES and WAY DOWN MEMORY LANE which works well as it’s one of the more straightforward thrash metal type songs on the album. Most other tunes here have elements that are exciting but these three are the most complete and accessible of the bunch.

Approaching this album with an open mind may well lead to a few genuine surprises for fans of progressive music, but as a concise metal album it almost works but just needed to be a little less busy at times. DYNAHEAD have a great backbone here and their base sound is pretty kick-ass, on YOUNIVERSE though I think they have tried a little too hard to be different and in the process have left behind a little bit of what hade them a great band. Still more than worth checking out, just be prepared that it will take quite a few listens before it really grabs you.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 7/10

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