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Consortium Project V – Species

Released by: Lion Music

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Symphonic Progressive Metal


Line Up:

Ian Parry – lead &harmony vocals (Elegy, Ayreon,Vengeance)

Stephan Lill – guitars (Vanden Plas)

Niels Vejlyt – guitars (Infinity Overture)

Lene Petersen – Female vocals (Infinity Overture)

Casey Grillo – Drums (Kamelot)

Kris Gildenlöw – Bass (Pain of Salvation)

Jens Faber – Bass (Dawn of Destiny)

Veith offenbaecher (Dawn of Destiny)

Special guest:

Markus Teske – Keyboards (Red Circuit)

Introducing newcomers;

Ani Lozanova – Female vocals (Ani Lozanova Project)

Kalin Jechev – Piano & keyboards (Ani Lozanova Project)

Peter-Jan Kleevens – Keyboards


1. Epilogue (storyteller)

2. Life On Earth

3. Origins Of Mankind

4. The Worst Has Yet To Come

5. An Untold Message

6. To The Earth And Back

7. Sirens

8. Pitch Black

9. Silence Calling

10. Species

11. Enemy Within

12. Oracle

When I think about metal projects I can come up with more then a few, but when I think about Progressive Metal projects there’s only a shortlist which include Ayreon, Star One, maybe the Once and Future King albums lead by Gary Hughes and then there is Consortium Project which was started by former Elegy vocalist Ian Parry in 1999.

Has it really been that long since the first CP project came out? I guess so Ian had been collecting an array of talented musicians through the years to contribute and this time around we have reached the final conclusion in this epic space saga dealing with world destruction and space battles and lyrics that would make sci fi freaks piss themselves. If you recall on the first project in 1999 “Criminal and Kings” we had also had guest performances from Ayreon, Kamelot and Vanden Plas members. This time around it seems fitting as is the end to the long chapter that Parry brought back some of those members. Guitars come from Stephan Lill (Vanden Plas), and Casy Grillo (Kamelot) performed all the drum parts.

The music of Consortium has never been that catchy as your typical Progressive Metal stuff, and on this particular release even we may have the hardest hitting album to date from Parry and company. Ian’s very recognizable voice is felt on each song and one of the heaviest riffs continuum shows up in “The Worst Has Yet To Come”. The plowing bass courtesy of Kris Gildenlow on “An Untold Message” is a nice highlight which is a bit more melodic and catchy then the previous tracks. Another one of the highlights is the nice edition of two females vocalists to add more punch to the flow of the songs in the scorching tune “To The Earth And Back”.

You already know what you’re going to get with Ian Parry and this Consortium Project, bombastic and explosive riffs, dark grueling bass tones and some fantasy lyrics to hold it together. Probably no as catchy as other of the projects but they compensate that with possibly being the heaviest sounding album to date. Is a nice effort to bring to a close after 5 albums, also as a nice liner note you have Parry who is celebrating 25 years in the rock and metal scene. A solid release if you’re into the series already. Lion Music will also be re-releasing remastered copies of the previous projects for all to hear in fine quality so look out for that.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys   8/10

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