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Outloud – Love Catastrophe

Released by: Metal Heaven

Release Date: July 22nd, 2011

Genre: Hard Rock/Metal


Line Up:

Chandler Mogel – Vocals

Bob Katsionis – Guitars, Keyboards

Tony Kash – Guitars

Sverd T. Soth – Bass

Mark Cross – Drums


1. We Came To Rock

2. Falling Rain

3. Live Again

4. Waiting For Your Love

5. The Night That Never Ends

6. Someday

7. Underground

8. Isolation Game

9. Clean Hands

10. Love Catastrophe

One of my favorites releases of 2009 was Greece’s Outloud, a band formed by Firewind keyboard player Bob Katsionis and by Talon vocalist Chandler Mogel.  The band’s actually decent from obscurity into its inception started back in 2004 when they’re current guitar prodigy Tony Kash started compounding riffs an encouraged Katsionis to put it all together for a record. Aren’t we glad they did huh? It turns out their self title debut for me was a damn good Hard Rock with elements of Metal and catchy riffs and hooks galore; a standout of a few years back.

Now the band has returned with the same line up intact and the feeble sophomore release that many dread,the new record title is “Love Catastrophe”. The band certainly gathered some momentum from their debut having sold over 5000 units and made a successful headline tour of Greece in December ’09 (sponsored by Jack Daniels) and a companion national Greek TV appearance in front of more than 1 million viewers.

Out loud wastes no time on this second venture as they come out charring out some kick out Melodic Hard Rock with the opener “We Came To Rock” a typical party anthem cut. The addicting groove of the belting melodic guitars solos in “Falling Rain” is perfect a pure bliss for fans of Melodic music this is the sorta stuff that makes the band stand out from the rest. I can’t stop the feeling because the crushing feel of “Live Again” will pump blood straight down your spine as the yet another ignition started hammering pounce trenches fast with aggression and melody that would make any other band in the genre envious.

The  bands first single and video come via the more laid back AOR laden “Waiting For Your Love”, reminiscence of some recent Poodles material, what a cool song and a great pick for first single too. Chandler Mogel’s vocalization by the way shines in every track but is on the more laid back tunes that you get to focus on his great voice which fits the mold of the band with precision.

The ladder part of the record continues with more metal and thundering grooves and featuring a typical rocker ballad to easy things down a bit in “Isolation”. Is a nice formula the band has perfected with both heavy and melodic; a contraction of what makes the genre so killer to listen to. Mogel’s voice is great as always, gliding, smooth and as sharp as a rock. In Bob Katsionis  you have to give the guys some credit even though the keyboards are not typically heard as predominant too much on here, even though you still feel the European metal influence in the subtle thunder in places its not there dominating each song. The production and even the songwriting is above par, the same goes for the marvel fret board action from Tony Kash. This is possibly better then their debut which was pretty damn glorious if you ask me, a rocking record for Hard Rockers. A great set of tunes not masquerading as anything that is not suppose to be, featuring some illustrious grooves and lighting a perpetual burning flame that makes Hard Rock now a days enjoyable. Easily one of the best releases of the year!!!!

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys   9/10

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