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Sandra Dee – Visions Of Pain

Released by: Eonian Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Hard Rock


Line Up:

Lance Thomason – Lead Vocals

Chris Kamykowski – Vocals

Gino Buonamici – Lead Guitar & Backup Vocals

Jason Bowman – Lead Guitar & Backup Vocals

Geoff Matson – Bass Guitar & Backup Vocals

Erik Youmans – Drums

Nicky Bernardi – Drums & Percussion


01. Pretty Child

02. Cassandra

03. Take You Higher

04. Heading Home

05. Peace, Pot & Politics

06. Going Down

07. Inside Yourself

08. Visions Of Pain

09. Cold

10. Nothing

A good name to describe the next chapter in the world’s best archival label Eonian and one of it’s newest releases is “nameless”. We know that many of the band’s on the label never hit the limelight like so many others did in the 80’s and early 90’s.  The common theme has been for many of these Midwest bands from that time period, they gather a local fan base, they hit the local bars and clubs and we’re on the path…..but sometimes things happen and in this case the guys moved to California for they’re big dreams of hitting it big. Only one thing they forgot, they’re loyal fan base was gone and the label there struggled to find them a niche. I guess we all know what happened later….

Different time different place the band may had blended right in the spotlight with so many others, but the fact remained is that they hit the back burner and they disintegrated to obscurity. Thanks in part to this great label we have another release where we get to hear one of the many bands that hoped for something more and only got a bitter taste of glory.

The band took it’ name from a snippet lyrics out of the Motley Crue song “Come On And Dance”, that tells you all you need to know about influences. Although to be fair the group has a very dark vibe in they’re music, and not your regular poppy fun glam metal lyrics. I sense some grunge undertones in tracks like “Heading Home” and “Take You Higher”. A little of a muddled mess comes via the gloomy song “Peace, Pot & Politics” that feature some punk vibes in it’s lyrics.

The more Skid Row influenced “Going Down” is a typical track from that time frame as some many bands we’re using the formula of aggressive guitar tones and turbulent lyrics to break ground. The second half of the album features the second line up of the band and it’s style sounds pretty much the same but a bit more polished. Best track is the evil sounding trunk of the title track, sounds like Alice In Chains but more distorted and sick.

I love to dig into these releases from Eonian as they take you back in time to a period in which so many had high hopes, but most didn’t make it. You get to experience the music as it was meant to be then, tragically most didn’t hit it big and some gave everything up for the big time. Sometimes you can’t big afraid of gambling for it, in this case Sandra Dee lost out on what could possibly be. But don’t feel bad because here is your moment to shine from a band that had potential.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys   6/10

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