Voodoo Highway – Broken Uncle’s Inn

After that opening song is freaking vertigo waiting to happen, couldn't not really sink into the I don't give a crap attitude of "J C Superfuck", the band's...

Released by:Independent

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Hard Rock

Links: https://www.facebook.com/pages/VOODOO-HIGHWAY/

Line Up:

MATTEO BIZZARRI – Guitar, backing vocals, breaking guitars…

FILIPPO “Gonzo” CAVALLINI – Bass Guitar / Vocals – backing vocals

FEDERICO DI MARCO – Vocals and rhytm guitar


ALESSANDRO DUO’ – Organ, guitar, backing vocals


01. Intro

02. Till It Bleeds

03. The Fire Will Burn Away

04. J.C. Superfuck

05. Window

06. Running Around

07. Broken Uncle’s Inn

08. Heaven With No Stars

09. Gasoline Woman

10. In Fact It’s The Worst

When I think of Italy in the last 10 years I think of an ever resurgence of kick ass Hard Rock and Melodic Rock scene that is slowly but surely have been making waves throughout the region, Europe and beyond. We usually check out these Italian bands in hope of finding the next big thing, on this release however I was a bit let down.

The journey of the band started as of recently in 2010 when their EP “This Is Rock n’ Roll, Cocks!” which has sold over 1000 copies all around Italy. Here is the kicker; the band’s sound has been compared to Deep Purple, okay you know I don’t care much about comparisons, especially when you throw out a classic band like Purple, but in this case in terms of solidity in their sound, yes a bit of it sounds like old Purple, including the riffs and the polished old stamp keyboard sound that the Brits made so famous. But the vocals are not even close to anything Deep Purple has ever done and if you can’t put it all together, especially in the lyrics department I think of blasphemy sorry guys.

For some reason many of this unknown bands always have some flaw, whether is singer wise, weak song lyrics or just plain average or alike sounds. Lead singer Federico Di Marco although flawed in places on some songs he sounds alright, but considering the type of music this is it does hurt the overall sound. The guitars are nice and crunchy and the hooks are evident all over the place, which is one of the reasons I gave it a shot. A combination that works really well here is the muddy, and bluesy undertones on each song pushing the tin on the record and making it enjoyable though.

The memorable stronghold chorus on the high rising “The Fire Will Burn Away” is a tasty punch that grabs your attention with a thunderous rhythm section. After that opening song is  freaking vertigo waiting to happen, couldn’t not really sink into the I don’t give a crap attitude of “J C Superfuck”, the band’s next stumble into “Window” which is one of the weak moments on here, the vocal harmonization is not that great and it sounds off beat a bit.

The group has the right idea but the delivery falls short. A vast improvement in the writing is needed, and the vocals as stated earlier need help. The guitars and keyboards are fine and it makes the sound tolerable, but in the end the record is to weak to give it a thumbs up rating. We usually pick some good albums for the public and readers to enjoy, but we know not every album is great and most just don’t hit the mark. This is the case with Voodoo Highway. Maybe in the future we can see some change of direction, as of now listen at your own risk and decide for yourself. “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” sort of speak.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys   6/10

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