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Bad Company – Live At Wembley DVD Review

Released by: Eagle Rock Ent

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Classic Rock

Links: http://www.badcompany.com/

Line Up:

Paul Rodgers – lead vocals, guitar, keyboards, harmonica (1974–1982, 1998–2002, 2008–present)

Mick Ralphs – guitars, keyboards, backing vocals (1974–1982, 1986–2000, 2008–present)

Simon Kirke – drums, percussion, guitar, vocals (1974–1982, 1986–2002, 2008–present)

Current touring members

Lynn Sorensen – bass, backing vocals

Howard Leese – guitars, keyboards, backing vocals

DVD and Blu-Ray Track Listing

1) Can’t Get Enough

2) Honey Child

3) Run With The Pack

4) Burnin’ Sky

5) Young Blood

6) Seagull

7) Gone, Gone, Gone

8) Electric Land

9) Simple Man

10) Feel Like Makin’ Love

11) Shooting Star

12) Rock And Roll Fantasy

13) Movin’ On

14) Ready For Love

15) Bad Company

16) Deal With The Preacher

As if we needed more old rockers to hit the scene and return to the limelight, the recently comeback tour last year of one of Classic Rock’s most prominent groups Bad Company is this issue’s highlight review from this live DVD concert from 2010 in one of England’s most prestigious venues, live at Wembley Arena.

The original Bad Company line up as most will remember included Paul Rodgers, Mick Ralphs, Simon Kirke and bassist Boz Burrell. The Rodgers era however was short lived roughly between 73-82 it was soon realize that after many hits such as classic rock staples “Feel Like Making Love”,”Shooting Star”, “Ready For Love” and and array of many more concert staples, not to mention the group was being led and managed at the time by Peter Grant the very cagy music promoter veteran who was also managing Led Zeppelin; they decided to call it quits soon after Rodgers was fed up and needed a break and Grant lost interest in the band and in the music business in general.

This is not to say that the band never came back in another reincarnation, you have the Brian Howe era which some loyal fans didn’t really cared too much about, a shame really because Howe is a tremendous vocalist maybe the group was less inspired then. I think is fair to say that even after Rodgers comeback into the band in 1998, the magic was lost and many wondered if it wasn’t even worth a shot. All I can say is that when classic rock bands like these reunite weather is to tour or to release a record, fans take notice and that is a fact.

The band toured North American, The UK and the world last year after Warner Music released “The Very Best Of Free And Bad Company Featuring Paul Rodgers”. The set debuted on the chart at No. 10 and became Bad Company’s first Top 10 U.K. chart appearance in over 30 years.

This rare performance in one of the best venues in the world is another stepping stone for a band that is not yet long forgotten and probably never will, the precarious veterans of the scene led by the youthful Paul Rodgers who in his 60’s still sounds great and looks fit as a rock. Mick Ralphs and Howard Leese the former Heart guitar man joined the band onstage with original drummer Simon Kirke all play they’re part pretty well.

All the early catalog classic material shows up here, cuts like “Run With The Pack”, “Burning Sky”, “Young Blood” are all played with solidity and true to their original sound.  The very radio friendly staple of “Feel Like Making Love”  will to this day make any rocker sing out loud and even with the less then excited Wembley crowd, for some reason the crowd noise didn’t translate too well on here, don’t know why really; one thing is for certain is that is not the cause not the cause of bad production value because the camera that shot the concert was in high definition and the sound of the songs themselves is pretty sharp.

Some of the other tracks are performed with zest and pizzazz, although as for these veteran guys they could probably played these songs in their sleep and still sound good, maybe I was expecting a more energized performance but given their age it still a solid showing. The last song ends with “Deal With The Preacher” a curious choice for an encore.

It’s obvious to see that these guys even took themselves by surprise at they’re sound after all these years, when Rodgers precariously asks the crowd how they are sounding this evening. Pretty good all things considering. I would lease this package for all curious fans of the band as is nice to hear them live again, the original line up minus rest in peace Boz Burrell. I think this tour was more of a warm up for the band and perhaps leading up to bigger things, maybe a new album? Who knows if that’s in the cards, as far as this night goes everything goes according to plan and is always good to have some Good Company along again to balance out the Bad Company in all of us.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys    8/10

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