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Cloon – Mostly Harmless

Released By : Dying Giraffe

Genre : Heavy Alternative Rock

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01.  Bananas

02.  Mostly Harmless

03.  He Who Knows

04.  Halftooth

05.  La Rambla

06.  The Slow Moving

07.  The Itch

08.  Elohim

09.  Beep Beep

10.  Bingo

11.  The Doll

12.  Your Lungs, My Air

13.  My Vanishing Twin

Odd…Eclectic…Different…Silly and Uneasing are all words that I would happy to include in a description for this new album from Belgium based alternative act CLOON. But before you look at the opening paragraph and conclude that I may not like it too much, keep in mind that Amazing…Intriguing…Genius and Mesmerizing are also words I would be happy to use.

CLOON play a brand of alternative heavy rock that draws influence from PRIMUS, MR. BUNGLE, FRANK ZAPPA, TOOL, RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS and even TOM WAITS to create a complete soundscape that demand’s their listener’s complete and utter attention. No folks, MOSTLY HARMLESS is definitely not what I would consider as background music, this is an album that requires headphones, a darkened room and some sort of herbal relaxation if that’s how you roll. The lyrics are odd but somehow the band make each song sound like its own little story and each of the thirteen tracks on the album can easily stand apart from the rest.

My favourite tracks were BANANAS, HE WHO KNOWS, ELOHIM and THE DOLL, which is a creepy track about a father that failed to save his daughter as she was drowning. But really, out of the thirteen tracks on this disc there was only probably one or to that I didn’t like and one of those is closing track that serves as a bit of an outro anyway, which leaves eleven out of a possible twelve full songs that worked for me which is a pretty good return in anybody’s eyes surely.

If you like your music a little weirder than the usual and have been a fan of bands like PRIMUS and MR. BUNGLE in the past, this new album from CLOON should definitely be on your radar. They may not be a widely recognized group just yet, but they are definitely heading up the right path.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 7/10

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