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Hunted – Welcome To The Dead

Released By : Massacre Records

Genre : Heave Metal

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01.  Welcome To The Dead (Intro)

02.  The Silence Of Minds

03.  Chosen

04.  Aria (In Memoriam)

05.  The Incident

06.  Impaled

07.  Scars

08.  I Want Nothing

09.  Shadows

10.  The Heart Collector (Bonus Track)

Though a lot of you guys reading this are probably yet to hear about HUNTED, I think that is due to change in the near future… See, the band’s debut album WELCOME TO THE DEAD was originally self-released by the band earlier in the year but is set to be re-released on the 29th of July, this time on Massacre Records.

After spending a decent amount of time with the album, I can certainly see why there was some label interest here, while HUNTED play a sort of traditional heavy metal, power metal, NWOBHM blend it’s all covered over by a layer of technical wizardry and a slight hint of progressive metal, giving everything on the album a very world-class feel to it. It also doesn’t hurt that vocalist Chris G has a sensational voice that at times sounds like a slightly heavier James Labrie then other times takes on a more Bruce Dickinson persona too.

I was also quite impressed with the actual songwriting offered up on the album too….and while HUNTED seem to take every possible opportunity to add some virtuoistic elements into each tune, it never once felt to me like the melody or song structure was suffering for it, which is something I really wish I could say about a lot of other bands that use progressive elements to enhance their base sound.

With the recent resurgence of traditional based heavy metal acts over the last handful of years or so, we’ve all heard our fair share of less than stellar material, and I know that has turned a lot of people off from checking out new acts on the scene. But I would really like to recommend to each of you to at least go and check out HUNTED, while they’re not doing anything terribly different they are still one of the better unknown bands I’ve had the pleasure to listen to in the last five or six years. Here’s hoping their recent signing with Massacre Records helps expose the band to a large audience, they certainly deserve it.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 8/10

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