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Perihellium – The War Machines

Released By : Self Released

Genre : Progressive Metal

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Tracklist :

01.  The Machines

02.  Frozen Hell

03.  Unreality

04.  Unnamed Syndrome

05.  Sol

06.  War Against You

I have to be totally honest here and admit that I am truly running out of things to say about new releases in the progressive metal genre…  The main reason for this is that there has just been so many bloody good releases in this vein over the last year or so and truth is a lot of the albums have been sort of interchangeable with one another. Yes, the genre seems to have stagnated a little as far as originality goes, but so many bands have learned how to still sound amazing while keeping in the boundaries of what we all know today as modern progressive metal…

Now it seems that I have yet another band to keep a firm eye on because the polish export PERIHELLIUM have released a pretty darn great album, their second full-lengther THE WAR MACHINES. Now, PERIHELLIUM aren’t doing much here that dozens of other progressive metal outfits are doing at the moment but their subtle differences do stand out as quite refreshing when they are evident. Things like some slower almost groove-metal riffs that are interlaced with what sounds like black metal style synth work give the album some balls, and the vocal approach of front man Marcin Sulek sticks out as pretty memorable too. Imagine the higher register of say, James LaBrie with a bit of the nineties metal vocals of guys like Layne Staley and Scott Weiland. This is particular gives the band a bit of a modern metal sound that mikes in with the progressive metal touches quite well.

PERIHELLIUM draw inspiration from all walks of the metal landscape on this six track album and it has helped them design a well fitted progressive metal album that offers up just enough of a different feel to at least stand out a bit. I can see plenty of crossover interest in this band from the progressive metal scene and also from the modern groove metal scene, it just remains to be seen how strongly the album is promoted to see where it could lead for the band. Everything you could ask for is here…Excellent musicianship, a thick and full production, interesting lyrics, versatile vocals and above all cohesive and enjoyable songs, so even though you may not have heard of PERIHELLIUM yet, don’t let that stop you from checking them out as soon as possible.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 8/10

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