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The Dirk Scheuer Softcore Explosion – Nulla Vita Sine Musica

Released by Independent

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Instrumental Progressive Rock


Line Up:

Dirk Scheuer (guitars, bass, organ, synthesizer, vocals)

Simon Phillips (drums)


1. Burn in Hell

2. Whole lotta Guitars

3. Organic Tubes

4. Jamming Transmitter

5. Agent Beat

6. Dancefloor Rock Mission

Because of the high amount of promo that comes in that leave us in total and utter disappointment, we usually don’t have any expectations for bands that pester us about having their music reviewed. My theory is that if the music is decent enough for me to take time out of my busy schedule to write a review and expose the band, then is worthwhile for us, our readers and the band. But when bands expect to just get a review from us even though the music could be utter crap, I take offense to it. We do it because we love the music, not because we want to give some band an unfair advantage and paint a false image to the readers and listeners. With that being said I am happy to report that The Dirk Scheuer Softcore Explosion, a band I have never heard of sounded very interested in us reviewing a copy of their latest album “Nulla Vita Sine Musica”, I took it with a grain of salt, but luckily the trio of musicians involved here are fairly decent enough to garner a balanced review out of me.

If the name doesn’t give you a clue as to what type of music these guys play well I don’t know what will, if you guessed an experimental jam, progressive rock mix then you would be correct, althought I would not blame you at all if you thought it was cheesy 70’s porn movie. Usually I don’t go for these kinds of bands but the music itself has to be worth something right especially if it’s strictly instrumental?

Let’s start of by giving you a little history of Dirk Scheuer, a guitarist and composer and founder of the band itself. Apparently the Beatles influenced the man enough to pick up a guitar and decided to start creating his own music from a very early age. Some bands he has played in the past are Damned of Dipsomania and The Hydroplanes, two bands I had never heard of, you probably hadn’t either.

An interesting array of influences are shown in the promo pack, for instance Dirk was influenced by a very and still underrated guitar man, the late Tommy Bolin and I can actually hear some similarities in it’s music especifically on the instrumental fusion track “Organic Tubes” you can sense a little of the style of playing that Bolin experienced before he joined Deep Purple for that tragic period in time, more loosely resembleance come via his time in Zephyr. Another intricate creation comes way the playful mood of “Jamming Transmitter” which is relentless with a zappy guitar lick and the drumming is more nervously implanted on this particular track. Another highlight is the nice melodic solos in “Agent Beat” in which I can see some Steve Morse influence strokes.

Instrumental music is sometimes a challenge for me to review on paper, is obvious is very guitar driven heavy, with the bass creating a tight rhythm which even without any vocals or limited vocals you can still sense the mood the group is trying to create. I have to give some props to Dirk and the guys because this album did hold my attention and didn’t get wound up and lost in the intricacies of the music as it did transformed some normally ordinary songs into very captivating guitar driven tunes. If progressiveness is you’re name of the game then you would find some nice things to dig into with this instrumental effort by a band that is trying to do their own thing and one I’m sure you have not heard of yet.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys   7/10

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