Bridger – Bridger

The "difference" factor makes this one breakthrough, is not your typical number, it's modern rock with an unusual aroma of 80's ballsy groove. I have always pertained that balance,...

Release by: Escape Music

Release Date: July 29th, 2011

Genre: Hard Rock


Line Up:

Terry Ilous: (XYZ, Great White) Vocals

Glen Bridger: (Head East) Guitars

Greg Manahan: (Head East) Bass

Danzoid: Drums and Percussion


01. Tuesday Afternoon

02. How Long

03. On the Ledge

04. Don’t Push Me

05. Without a sound

06. Free

07. Live for the Moment

08. Good to be Home

09. Gonna Get Better

10. Once in a Lifetime

11. Heaven and Hell (tribute to Ronni James Dio)

Another pleasant surprise by this new Melodic Hard Rock outfit name Bridger. Escape Music usually has a habit of launching these projects bands who consequently reward the listener with high quality material, and this case is no different. A sucker for power vocalists I am which made my choice to listen to this album a no brainer, especially with the  little caveat being the current vocalist of Great White Terry Ilous former XYZ front man as well as the helm here.  Never really heard any music by Glen Bridger and his former band Head East, another apparent 80’s Hard Rock experiment that is not a well known name. It just goes to show you that many of these part rockers still have the passion left in the tank to rock out many years later.

What we pick up here is the combination of former 80’s players with a new polish modern rock sound, Also provided is a pleasantly sounding melodic record. I can see the California Rock ballad comes through via this slower number in “Without A Sound”. The more laid back bluesy lick of “Good To Be Home” is nice mid level rocker which brings memories of past Great White stuff and Kingdom Come as well. The in your face tactical rocker “Don’t Push Me” plays itself really loud and with Ilous great pipes  it does leave a mark, although that last organ part there was just odd.

Of course with an album like this you do have a couple nip-pick things, such as the weird punkish and sleaze rhythms of “How Long”, just sounds like a total 360 degree change from the rest of the record. I would feel out of bent if I did not comment on the cover of “Heaven and Hell”, featuring a new technology industrial undertone, somehow works pretty well making it a tolerable but different cover song especially for a metal classic like this one.

I guess I was taken by the amount of mellow tracks on this very good release. I expected a more hard rock laden record, but the songwriting and the musicianship is surprisingly laid back. The “difference” factor makes this one appeal to me, is not your typical number, it’s modern rock with an unusual aroma of 80’s ballsy groove. I have always pertained that balance, good songwriting and interesting melodies and hooks can breathe new life into an album and this one supports that script. A good project for fans of all the band members to listen to and for any rock fan in general since is really hard to categorize the style here.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys   8/10

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